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The various ways of Internet Marketing Strategies and Trading

Let’s begin it at once!

Basics: There are a lot of ways you can trade and make money on the internet. Reaching this goal takes time, effort, and money.

Antique brass and wooden globe - The World Of Internet Marketing Strategies, Trading - XDSellers

Antique brass and wooden globe
The World Of Internet Marketing Strategies, Trading – XDSellers

Yes, it is true. If you want to find the easiest and most cost-effective  way, you can choose from the great choice: You can sell things via classified ads, auctions, or create your own website to sell your, or others’ products.
Which one is the best solution? First of all, you have to decide what you want. In order to achieve this, you need different tools, and of course knowledge, not to mention the necessary experience.

What about building web sites?

Although some say it is not necessary, but in my opinion You really must have your own website – you can try this without having one, but it would work for a very short period of time. Nowadays, neither the hosting costs nor buying new domain names are so horrible from monetary aspects.
Helping you in order to reach your aim, I suggest that you should learn from the professionals, use the tools they use, follow the good methods they apply. Sometimes, you might be so lucky, that you can meet companies who really want to help you. I mean, that they want not only to collect your money, and sell one product after the other as a chain-reaction, making you believed that you will get rich immediately without any significant effort and money (even free).
Some people can earn significant money within a very short period of time, but the most of them definitely not.

How to avoid the misleading marketing and trading traps?

It is a difficult question, indeed. It is not always possible, honestly.
I have to refer again to your – or others’ – previous experience. If you haven’t got any, then choose the most convenient, safe way. I’ve collected you some methods to earn some money on the Internet, but you have to be aware of the fact that it will take time and endurance. Last but not least I’d like to give you some ideas:

  • If you have a good idea what to sell or promote on the Internet, the time has already arrived to begin thinking about how to put it into practice. You have assign a “name” the place of your dreams, so you want to own a website, like an address. Probably, you what to purchase a unique domain name.
  • You may want to choose the most cost-effective hosting for your domain. I’ll offer you HostGator. To be honest, my domains are placed her, so I’ve had some experiences concerning the available service. I had been given the chance for trying out others previously, so I can state, their service – and manner – is excellent.
    If you open an account here, you will be immediately provided with easy-to-use site-builders, template galleries, social widgets (like Google+1), blog-builders, countless own-created e-mail boxes for free(!), and – this is the most important – you will have a 0-24 hour-full-time access to your domain to modify its content, when it is necessary. If you haven’t got a reliable domain-host provider till now, or you want to change it, just click here and you will get $9.94 instant off when you use this coupon-code: “XDSELLERS2000“, or 25% constant off using “IMAKEABLOGSITE” coupon code.
  • Now the time has come to “build” the content and the web site together. The question is as follows: what and how to interpret. You would need keywords to exactly describe what you want. In order to reach the best results, you want to make a careful keyword research. This part is the most important, if you want to avoid being “stealth” by the search engines. With other words: if you want to increase you visibility. However, if you want to check what others have chosen, do not hesitate to visit KeywordSpy. You can gain all information about your competitors here. The first 15 search results are free. In practice, this amount is usually enough to make a good decision, which particular word fits the best to your campaign.
  • Empty Parking Place - Would need some traffic - World Of Internet Marketing Strategies, Trading - XDSellers

    Empty Parking Place – Would need some traffic
    World Of Internet Marketing Strategies, Trading

    The next stage. You are ready with the construction works, and you have already published and introduced your site to the whole world. But, you may recognize something is missing. What the heck can it be?
    If there is no traffic on your site, you will lose the chance of making any profit, and your well-designed, hopefully profitable business will die like a flower without any water, and you won’t be able to earn even a nickel! What you need is to make traffic on your site. Let’s get the so-called “traffic hurricane” started! Visitors by visitors in a long queue!

  • What is missing? You have to attract the visitors to your site! By the cruel facts, the high quality content is not enough itself. You have to let the world know about your existence. That is, you need POPULARITY!
  • The fastest and most consequent – but not the cheapest – way to “invite” visitors to your site is, to take active part in an advertising program. There are several ways. Now, I’d like to introduce PPC (Pay-Per-click). First you – yourself, or somebody else from your environment – should create an ad. Then it will come up by the particular advertising network. If somebody clicks on your ad, he will arrive on your assigned destination. Definitely, you pay this “journey”, but you will get the chance for “harvesting” the nascent revenue. If you are clever, you can earn a lot of money applying this system. But, it could be very dangerous and costly, too, if someone applies dishonorable tools on the other side against you. You can even lose your whole assets! So, be careful!
    You may find other ways, too. I’ll explain them later.
  • It is not easy to obtain your forthcoming customers, but it is more difficult to sustain them. The best tool is giving a “life-signal” regurarly about your activity. I mean you must want to write articles, taking part in different forums, make comments, follow your customers’ need in order to remain on the surface. It is a very good idea to run your own blog accompanied with your site, and post your honest opinion to different blog-services as WordPress.com, Blogger.com and so on. These sites will give you backlinks, which are vital.
  • Using community sites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, Flickr, AnooX, etc. is very useful, but you have to keep certain rules in connection with your presence: it is not allowed to spam, or write abusing comments. Your success depends on your ideas and activity based on your products, timing, empathy, communication skills and social sensitivity. It is worth 10 times more to get backlinks from high page-ranked sites I mentioned here than collecting backlinks from not as popular sites (with tremendous efforts of course).
  • Don’t be tired!
  • There are other SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools. Link exchange could be an easy and profitable free way. You can find some companies offering link exchange here on my site as well. You can find some of them on the right side below in the ad section, and more in Marketing Tools And Hints section, or jut visit my Search Engine Optimization In Practice – How To Get Higher Ranking page. If you want more SEO toolkits just click here, or for a complete solution against SEO pains here (both of them cost money). You can get Trial version – Free download – of SEO PowerSuite from the complete solution. I use this Linkassistant myself regularly, too. I highly recommend it to use, even if you want to try it out only.
  • Avoid the sites with bad reputation, or banned. It is worse to get a link from that kind of sites, than you haven’t even got one link! Be careful!

Now, You have got your own website with excellent content and good traffic, together with well-constructed internet marketing strategies.

You have arrived to the next stage: The time has just come to monetize your site a bit more, if you haven’t done it yet. What you will do, is the beginning of Trading on the Internet.

There are many chances to do that.

1. You can promote affiliate products from reputed, reliable, for this purpose specialized expert companies like Clickbank, Clicksure, etc. It is very easy and free to obtain a membership, because their aim is the same as yours: to sell the products and reward the costumers. You can learn a lot of practical, useful things from these affiliate programs. From my point of view you should try them out before promoting them otherwise you will not able to explain the essence and the advantageous parts of the product or service to your costumers. This process costs time and money of course, but you will be given all the knowledge – or more – to sell the goods efficiently and profitably.

Do any crucial points exist in affiliate marketing? Yes. You have to be very careful in order to prevent yourself
from buying everything. You should not buy the whole market!

2. Supposing you want to sell some “physical” things like books, computers, mobiles, instruments and so on. Opening an account on e.g. Amazon, eBay is very esay and you will become a proud owner of a whole store with hundreds of thousands of wares suddenly without paying a dime! However, you have to keep some rules on Amazon: an existing, proven website, requirements for displaying their products; eBay: no downloadable digital products – eBooks – for sale, etc.

3. You can have passive income, if you popularize such kind of products which are based on win-win aspect and mutually useful for the seller and the costumer, too. I’ll give you an example: if my friend wants to find a keyword but he doesn’t know where and how to find it, I will show him – or he uses, the same – through my link. He uses the link, gets the necessary data he wants and becomes satisfied with the results. It will be his decision whether he wants to establish a membership with the provider company or not. If yes, he should pay for the service as I did. Where is the win-win situation? Everybody is satisfied, because he has got free results and an opportunity, and I have the chance to earn a little extra income and I have made my friend happy.

4. You can also gain a bit passive income if you draw on other legal services like offered by e.g. Google, Yahoo, and more. I would like to highlight only Google now – however many companies exist providing good opportunities in this field – because Google is easily approachable to us and the easiest way to setup an ad-group within 5 minutes. It is a great deal that you can place different ads on your site, and you will determine what is the most convenient way for you. How does it work? If somebody clicks on the displayed ad, you can have money. The only but very serious term is that You have to keep the rules: Interprete the terms and conditions substantially, and be thoughtful when you approve the contract.

I will show you some of the many applicable marketing techniques I have mentioned in my article above. You will find them in the Marketing Tools And Hints section of the Navigation Menubar.

This was about the most important internet marketing strategies. In addition to it, you’ll face the fact: if you have decided to run an Internet business, you must own most of the tools sooner or later. There is No escape! I just wanted to help you to begin with it in a “painless” way.

I hope you enjoyed this little, sometimes boring tour, and I could contribute to your success a bit.

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, the owner of XDSellers – Internet Marketing Techniques And Strategies site.