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  1. Shulom Ben Ruban says:

    Thanks, simple yet practical information.

  2. DefenderOfTheLarder says:

    Thanks so much. I’m a woman, and I would LOVE to learn woodworking. Your
    videos are masterfully narrated and your techniques are clear. Thank you
    for posting them.

  3. Jason Rennie says:

    really appreciate you showing these techniques – This is the first video
    I’ve found which actually shows a realistic range of joints actually being
    made. So many videos fail to show the details or just say what can be done
    without actually showing *how* its done… Its the little ‘tricks’ that
    professionals learn that would take a lifetime to figure out… Fantastic
    work Hank :)

  4. BeachsideHank says:

    Thanks OldSchoolSkill , Just having fun & passing on a few tricks. –
    Beachside Hank

  5. BeachsideHank says:

    @jacquesvanderlingen Thanks Jacques, the device is called a holdfast clamp,
    if you Google it you’ll find several sources for it. Once you use it you’ll
    never use anything else to clamp benchtop work with.

  6. SquirreledAway says:

    Greta video, great speaker. Some nice techniques.

  7. jacquesvanderlingen says:

    Hello Hank, I just bought a biscuit joiner, looked at a couple of videos
    and found yours to be by far the most helpful, thanks for taking the time
    to share your knowledge!! Just one more thing, that instant clamp that you
    use will really be a nice thing to have, is it home made or can one
    purchase it, i need one!! Kind Regards Jacques

  8. hawkpilot100 says:

    Just retired and am starting to learn woodworking, something I’ve always
    longed to do but never had the time to do. Your videos are clear, easy to
    follow and very motivating, thank you very much. martin, UK

  9. Mark Shale says:

    Great stuff Hank! Thanks for the info!

  10. Chris Davies says:

    Thank you very much Hank. You have a nice voice and a good presentation

  11. Neelesh Mooljee says:

    Awesome video. Thanks!

  12. Angel Moreno says:

    Your craftmanship and wealth of knowlegde is very apparent in the easy in
    which you demostrate each prosidure. Thank you very much of posting these
    videos. I am learning a lot….

  13. larryllix says:

    Very nicely done and considerate of the rest of us!!!

  14. George Wilson says:

    Loved the topic area of the videos. My only pointer is that there is sound
    on one channel only!

  15. BeachsideHank says:

    It seems I lost the other channel during edits and uploading the series, if
    I fix and reup the count goes back to zero but at least all the dialog is
    there, thanks for the review.

  16. telosfd says:

    Very nice video with very detailed, with serious teacher. Thanks a lot.

  17. Enzo Bundu says:

    I teach D&T in the UK and am new to teaching the biscuit joint. I have
    found your videos particularly helpful – if ever have any problems I’ll be
    sure to post again. Many thanks, enzo

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