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42 Responses to Woodworking 101 – Common Woodworking Joinery

  1. GlobaISM says:

    JESUS CHRIST said: Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Seek JESUS CHRIST, seek Salvation, turn to Him !

  2. R Capps says:

    Constructing the jig is the key to making good box joints.

  3. Jon Suite says:

    I feel like I just leveled up watching this video.

  4. Jalal Ali says:

    Great video and thanks so much Mr. Laney Shaughnessy

  5. jay amistad says:

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  6. Cumberland Prepper says:

    Great video!

  7. Murray Lowe says:

    May I suggest using a paint stick from the box store or strip of wood as such and make a cut with it snug against your locating pin first and then turn it round the other way over the pin so you could accurately and swiftly align your offset piece. Also when you made the jig why did you cut your fence pieces to the same length and then add your lapped micro stop rather than leaving you back fence 1/4 inch longer and then adding just you micro stop. I love your videos and help you give to newbies

  8. Lowell Hamilton says:

    great video!!! awesome thinking including every one in it. good jobs guys

  9. Ademilson Silva says:

    I meant to say “a piece of cake”.

  10. Ademilson Silva says:

    Very nice video, guys. It seems to be a pice a cake for pros like all of you, but for beginners like me it’s a real treasure. Thanks for sharing the information.

  11. Robert Dunn says:

    Well done, I liked the use of well done individual contributions. Very informative and a pleasure to watch.

  12. whoopspat11 says:

    Great video, thanks for putting it together.

  13. Shulom Ben Ruban says:

    Great job laney

  14. Ticky66MN says:

    Great video Laney. I love the colaboration with the others and this is a favorite video to use as a future reference again and again. Thanks to you, Steve, Jay and Brian.

  15. Lenny F says:

    I wasn’t speaking to you stub, so MYOB.
    You could use a lesson in respect from a snot nose 8th grader

  16. stubee52 says:

    The phrase ‘Woodworking 101′ is used here as as figure of speech and used in in response the same way. A light humoured name for the video for fellow garage woodworkers. I doubt there was any intent of implying a formal course. You are not addressing grade 8 snot noses. We are all about your age so keep your shop teacher condescension correcting our vernacular in check.

  17. stubee52 says:

    I defer to a proper program, however this is basic joinery since Egyptian times, good to perfect execution is a whole different thing with many tricks, tips, and techniques. That would be where you would come in. The more simple the more elegant.

  18. Laney Shaughnessy says:

    Ahh Sorry Lenny, lol I misunderstood, I thought when you said you consider these to be advanced, that you meant that you were just beginning and felt these were above your skill level… My mistake. A big congrats on 40 years of woodworking!! outstanding!

  19. Lenny F says:

    sorry my friend, “Woodworking 101″ deals with learning shop safety, wood types, using hand tools, basic measuring, cutting and simple butt joints. I should know, I taught it for many years.

  20. stubee52 says:

    You guys all get together and make joint (pun: bonus points) amateur garage video? Cool.

  21. stubee52 says:

    These are the 101 variety. The difficulty comes on a tips,tricks and jigs for methods of work and fabrication that you settle on. A myriad of solutions to chose from.

  22. MrSkeeter18 says:

    Thanks Laney

  23. Dave Walker says:

    Thank you Laney

  24. Larry Clement says:

    Great job Laney. I hope this is just the first in a series. The cooperation was awsome, each an expert at” their own joint”. Keep up the good work.
    Larry C.

  25. David Borch says:

    Great video Laney!!, good to see one on some basic woodworking.

  26. Dave38K says:

    This stuff is brilliant, thanks. Definitely a keeper.

  27. atentoful says:

    Hi Laney, I think that most of us knew as woodworkers such unions, but it is very, very interesting to see and refresh the knowledge and more than anything, if necessary, learn techniques to convey to those who come after us. Thanks for all your efforts. Gracias

  28. Alpha Anderson says:

    Laney, time to invest a clip on mic

  29. Michael Lubecke says:

    Nice job guys!

  30. Lenny F says:

    thanks for the offer Laney but I dont have a hard time with any of these joints. I’ve been woodworking for over 40 years and have very advanced skills.

  31. Laney Shaughnessy says:

    Yes it is (African Mahogany) which is also referred to as Sapele and yea the sound must be different on my PC from the viewers, because when i was editing it, I even lowered the sound level in the edit because it sounded like i was yelling.. and it is still a clear volume level on my end.. but you are the second one to mention the volume.. hmm I need to see about ordering in a Microphone

  32. Jon Madsen says:

    Awesome video!

  33. whitewolf8758 says:

    Well the sound troubles would be better if you put a microphone on your shirt as some of the other people do that have good sound quality coming in. Also was wondering if that wood you referred to as mahogany is sapele in the same tree family? I am doing a project making a violin case for my daughter and using what appears to be the same wood you were demonstrating with is called sapele. Its a very beautiful wood when using a deep gloss on it and the grains look like they are moving! Thanks !!

  34. Norbury53 says:

    A very good video Laney – I hope you intend to do more like it. I just want to second the request for a dado stack-less version if it is at all possible – finger joints are something I have long wanted to try. Cheers

  35. CoolToolShed says:

    Great video guys! Very informative!

  36. Todd Vance says:

    I have used a jig similar to the one Laney built on a router table. It works really well.

  37. Nathan Klemstein says:

    Really great video guys. I am trying to get into woodworking and being able to find videos like this that show the techniques in easy to follow steps is outstanding. Keep up the great work.

  38. Laney Shaughnessy says:

    I will work on the sound.. and see what i can come up with. as far as finger joints without a dado stack.. let me see what i can do to demonstrate that..

  39. havenisse2009 says:

    Laney, very interesting to see you guys cooperate. If you had invited Mathias, he would have invented (calculated) a new joint style then made a jig for it.
    Couple of remarks: 1) you should work a bit on your sound, it’s difficult to hear you clearly. Perhaps a better mic. 2) Could you demonstrate finger joints for areas where dado stacks are not allowed ?

  40. Mike Rumsey says:

    Thanks everyone for all the great info, perfect video

  41. Laney Shaughnessy says:

    Lenny let me know which ones you have a hard time with, maybe I can help you understand the basics of these joints. which are most commonly used in basic project building. Maybe a more advanced version of these joints would be “Splined Miters”, “Angled Box Joints” “Pinned or through mortis and tenon” “Greene and Greene Lap Joints” even “Handcut or Machined Dovetails”.. before moving to these joints one needs to understand the basic concept Hence the “101”

  42. Bill Akins says:

    Very good video guys. I love the collaboration on different types of joinery

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