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40 Responses to Tommy’s Trade Secrets – How to Build a Workbench

  1. raymond hallam says:

    great video, thanks.

  2. rocksteadyjones says:

    Neat :)

  3. Rafe Zetter says:

    I’d agree with Supersesqui below but add if you are have the time to cut
    the tops of the support legs with double lap joint, with 1 bolt each way,
    so more vertical support than relying on just the bolts.

  4. superjockstick says:

    Thanks for this video. It is the best how to I have ever seen on a

  5. jayne1xx1 says:

    always found a couple of plastic beer crates and sum old planks does the
    job :]

  6. jimu57 says:

    use it yourself. I do many times.

  7. Nicholas Ramirez says:

    nice and simple, subscribe? yes i think so;)

  8. correo casa says:

    fantastic amazing beautiful !!! you made it look easy! Cheers and thank you!

  9. Jimmy Meeker says:

    good table nice and strudy. but why did you make it in a bathroom. maybe
    for the sound

  10. Peter Carden says:

    Very helpful video thanks buddy!!

  11. Lee Clements says:

    is just 2 wood screws holding the frame togeather enough – how many kilos
    can this bench hold ?

  12. Meow kitty says:

    Thank you very much for your video and will build one today in the USA

  13. jayne1xx1 says:

    me and me mates wen we do building jobs go down the tip and get old tables
    wen we finjshed the job we juz burn um in da skips

  14. quasimod says:


  15. Micah Montoya says:

    I’m sure that you agree that metric does in fact make more sense logically
    that feet/inches. nice round numbers :p

  16. TheUnlikelyEmp says:

    Wood working videos in metric! Thank the Lord! Something which is in mm and
    actually accurate.

  17. khensley1966 says:

    He must have somewhere to go when he gets done. (leaps tall buildings in a
    single bound it’s fasterman)

  18. Michael Moore says:

    Andy, this was very helpful.Thank you!

  19. Nikola Matovic says:

    and why so many machines silijuete cab of the smoke hole to drill right
    drill slowly when spinning slower rather than faster otherwise everything
    else is great GREETINGS FROM SERBIAN

  20. Micah Montoya says:

    why would it be easier. Metric makes sense..

  21. hotrock427vette says:

    if only the 4 be 2’s at my local home depot was as nice as yours lol

  22. Will Bourne says:

    A proper chippy would put mortice and tenon braces on the legs, this table
    would soon start to wobble and the bolts would become loose ,if you put
    sprung washers on legs this would help. If your going to spend a load of
    money on nice new woold put some proper joints on the bench and it will be
    a lot more use.

  23. jason phillips says:

    Want to make a video with a shelf underneath.

  24. Watch Ryder says:

    Great stuff but I don’t know why he has left the little line-gap on all the
    top surface boards. I’d of thought he’d of had all the surface boards flush
    up against one another. (16:19 part of the video)

  25. streeker12381 says:

    now, how do I get my new picnic table out of my bathroom?

  26. Danny Quest says:

    We can also use this as a nice picnic table… Just make the legs shorter.

  27. Joseph Norero says:

    Great video thank you for putting this out there. Would it be possible to
    get a shopping list for the hardware and materials? – Thanks so much

  28. Nor Draw says:

    Nice job, but why were the top bolts that went through the legs so long?
    Was there a reason for that? Good job with the bench anyway.

  29. Rogerio Indep says:

    Bom trabalho mesmo, mas usamos esta madeira(pinho) para caixotes de frutas,
    uma bancada como essa aquí no Brasil seria de Maçaranduba , Ipê Amarelo, ou
    otra madeira dura. Um Grande Abraço!!!! BIG HUG!!

  30. zarafiq says:

    Great vid! Two questions: why did you install cross-members longer edge
    horizontally? And why leave the gaps between top timbers?

  31. Rudy Roman says:

    superb tutorial .. best i’ve seen so far!

  32. edy florida says:

    dude what the hell u doing

  33. Savvas Papasavva says:

    That’s not a workbench, it’s a dinner table.

  34. Andrew Christenbury says:

    Wow Thank You for showing this. Looks to be a well built bench unlike a lot
    of the ones I have seen made.

  35. Steve Potter says:

    I’m a metric person myself but using feet and inches is actually easier to
    use. 12 is divisible by more numbers than 10 so 1/6,1/4,1/3,1/2 is much
    easier to work out using base 12 than base 10. There is a very strong case
    for changing our counting system to go up to 12 rather than 10, it would
    just mean we would need to invent two new numbers to make it work!

  36. gamblemadman says:

    So is this like a quick-built temporary bench for use on one job? … like
    maybe a job in a bathroom? (looked like you were in a bathroom).

  37. Jaap Weel says:

    Very neat work, and very clear explanation. I especially like how you go
    out of your way to use simple tools, so people don’t feel like they need
    fancy tools to do simple things just because a professional likes to use
    the fancy tools to save a few minutes. Would you use any finish on bench
    like this? Polyurethane? Some sort of oil? Seems like that might make it
    last longer in a possibly moist unheated garage or shed or wherever people
    put these things.

  38. TheGestaltis says:

    I agree with Parudice. Working with 16ths feels so arbitrary and is quite
    annoying. Metric coincides with all the math I’ve learned in the most
    simple and SENSIBLE way.

  39. tom blanco says:

    The advantage to working in a bathroom is obvious! When you cut yourself
    and start bleeding all over the place you’re already where you would have
    gone had you been working somewhere else. Brilliant!

  40. Korgon2013 says:

    I wish we had squared lumber like that at Home Depot.

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