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22 Responses to How to Use Basic Woodworking Tools : Using a Biscuit Joiner

  1. Rakshaan Soogrim says:

    hmmm. I still prefer jointing with nails. What is the advantage of the
    biscuit joint over other methods? Because you still need to router the ends
    to get them flush and even.

  2. zach england says:

    Now before we use any power tools let’s take a minute to talk about shop
    safety. Always be sure to read and understand the manuals that come with
    your tools and don’t forget the most important rule–to ALWAYS WEAR THESE,

  3. coaldog1 says:

    Rule # 1 – Always clamp your work down.

  4. telosfd says:

    First lesson. Keep hands off!!!Nice video.

  5. stewartx5 says:

    Getting tired of pretentious comments under these how-to videos. If you can
    do better, post your own darn video. Meanwhile, nothing wrong with this
    one. No advertising, no real threat to his thumb, and no great need for
    safety glasses. And his advice about cutting one board proud of the other
    is sound when seeking a fine joint, though I’m more in the “good enough”
    mode with most projects. Keep up the good work, Kevin. Most of us
    appreciate your efforts.

  6. CanineFaeces says:

    I like the sandpaper trick, thanks.

  7. stewartx5 says:

    Biscuit joiner finally died. Looking to buy another. Anyone see a huge
    difference between a dedicated biscuit joiner tool and an angle grinder
    (cut-off tool) with a guide/fence assembly attached? Former seems
    incredibly similar to latter, so one doesn’t appear to be losing much with
    either. I’ve seen one or two such attachments on sites like Amazon, for
    considerably less money than a separate tool – even more so since I already
    have an angle grinder.

  8. damijo says:

    Nice one, thanks for posting it.

  9. markraykhenberg says:

    Awesome vid really gets it all across quick and simple and a nice tip!!
    Thanks for taking the time.

  10. MrBfromCCC says:

    This is the worst “how to use a biscuit joiner” video I have ever seen.
    HOWEVER it is one of the BEST “How to cut off your left thumb” videos ever

  11. Cool Shop Projects says:

    this is the only good expert village vid I have seen so far, also, for all
    you morons that think he was at risk of cutting his thumb off, the blade is
    a good 1/4 inch under his thumb, and not sticking out in the air, that was
    perfectly safe, and anyone who thinks he was going to lose his thumb doing
    that, has clearly never used a biscuit joiner

  12. andrew fincham says:

    say prouder one more time….I dare you!

  13. TheDaldi8800 says:


  14. lalilena18 says:

    Sorry, I’m french…would you speak slowly please, i don’t understand all
    your words ! Thanks

  15. blondiepianist . says:

    Best tool vids on Expert Village

  16. Sean White says:

    Thanks I learnt something.

  17. dfpace says:

    Thanks for another great, informative woodworking video Kevin.

  18. FenceAustin says:

    This tool is excellent.

  19. Bob Lee says:

    Simple, straightforward & logical demonstration, Thanks

  20. inouveaution says:

    Just got a biscuit joiner, thanks for the post demonstrating one in action.

  21. natetheingrate says:

    fuck you with your advertising. eat a cock

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