My video of my DIY construction of my wood dresser from dresser plans. I constructed this dresser from easy woodworking plans…

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16 Responses to How to build a Dresser – Wood Furniture Project & Dresser Plans from teds woodworking

  1. JovansJazz says:

    never done it b4, Wanna try, Just please someone tell me what the clamps are for

  2. JayWC3333 says:

    That’s kind of a snobby post. Perhaps consider kindly telling the member that posted that comment that it’s a finish and not paint. More people would be helped with that version.

  3. JayWC3333 says:

    It’s good if you’re an amateur, but I think the project leaves much room for improvement. The grain direction on the top and sides is wrong. Also, it mixes many design vernaculars and is sort of a mutt. I’m sure it’s solid and will function well for many years, but I think the design needs to be revisited before publication to the masses. Keep up the videos.

  4. Woodworking Plans and Information says:

    Very impressive result.

  5. Player20002 says:

    Where did you get orange from…its a wood finish. *smh

  6. shiaat says:

    you should check the woodworking plans in this website, it has over 16000 plans, videos and program to create woodworking projects virtualy, blueprints and even tells you what tools you will need, i really like it, and it helps me alot… DJWOODWORKINGdotCOM

  7. John Fitzpatrick says:

    it was looking good until you painted it orange

  8. harley123441 says:

    i went to the site and it was an airplane video site

  9. Justin says:

    Wow! You built a dresser in 6 minutes…

  10. Adriana Balmer says:

    No seriously are you selling that your are so talented

  11. Sean Diaz says:

    wow, hats off to you! that is a great job!!!

  12. William Longstien says:

    Tresle woodworking has similar woodworking plans from tons of furniture woodworking plans with pre-built material list and kits.

  13. Adriana Balmer says:

    Are you selling it? How much?

  14. jmmoral1 says:

    Simple, pero muy eficiente

  15. says:

    How much do you estimate the cost to be?

    Thank you

  16. Wright Flyer says:

    i love it – i have the set of woo dresser plans for this one also – turned out very close to your dresser here in the video

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