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5 Responses to Craftsman-Style Low Profile Bed

  1. raullenehan says:

    my hat’s off to you sir. very inspiring work!!!

  2. ozzy85Mpower says:

    Oh yes carpenter and biker best combination if I do say so myself lol nice
    work my friend

  3. Cocoa Cabana says:

    thanks for sharing….i bought a 1920 craftsman bungalow, in cocoa,
    florida, in 2007. & i’m interested in keeping it authentic with period
    correct style furnishings. i do plan on adding some built-in dressers,
    thou. i love craftsman built-ins. & have a original secret closet, that i
    find to be really cool. thanks again for sharing your craftsman skills &
    inspiring others.

  4. Mark Beres says:

    Thanks for the compliment. Since I completed this bed, we’ve been building
    a matching dresser. Additionally, we remodeled the bedroom it goes in to
    include new lighting and a custom floor-to-ceiling bookcase, framed out in
    quartersawn white oak.

  5. chrishughesjoinery says:

    great work…thinking of making a bed myself. from english ash and beech
    wood any ideas on what stain i should use?

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