Follow the process as a fresh cherry log is sculpted into a wooden bowl. More information is available at DAVIDFFISHER.COM. This video features the use of ed…

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27 Responses to Carving a Wooden Bowl: Green Wood and Hand Tools

  1. Just Rayne says:

    you sir, are ridiculously AMAZING! absolutely love your craftsmanship.

  2. Joe pechie says:

    I doff my hat to you sir.


  3. bekanav says:

    Well done. I think your skills are so good you don’t have to draw bowls
    model. Just trust your hand and eye.

  4. Andy Ashmore says:


  5. Allan Kadkoy says:

    Im shopping for an adze and wondering which one are you using?

  6. DFbowlcarver says:

    It’s a program that comes with Apple computers, or can be purchased (I
    think). I don’t know much about computers.

  7. freddieloveschloe says:

    Sorry about the coments but were Can i get imovie

  8. Mohammed Aslam says:

    Its not so easy job as it is show in this video, great work.

  9. freddieloveschloe says:


  10. DFbowlcarver says:

    I forget the name of the selection.  It is something from the available
    tunes on imovie.

  11. freddieloveschloe says:

    Ps i subscribed

  12. freddieloveschloe says:

    Hay i was wondering what the First song was?

  13. DFbowlcarver says:

    Depending on the weather, species, etc., it can be just a few days until
    the wood is dry enough to leave a good surface when carved. Sometimes, I
    don’t get to it for much longer, which just means the wood might be a
    little harder to carve.

  14. wood2be says:

    How long do you allow the bowl to dry before doing the final carving?

  15. Matt Paff says:

    Cool piece how many years have u been doing this?

  16. Eva Bragg says:

    AWESOME!!! Thank you for this video. I need more carving tools:) My bowls
    look hideous. lol

  17. Tyson M Scott says:

    gta5 is the best

  18. kwxj61b says:

    Wow…No power tool was used! two thumbs up!!!

  19. DFbowlcarver says:

    I forget the name of the selection. It is something from the available
    tunes on imovie.

  20. DFbowlcarver says:

    I am condering the possiblities of offering some classes in the summer. Not
    sure yet, but you can check the website from time to time for updates.

  21. James Macgregor says:

    i want to be your apprentice, will you teach me…?

  22. Randy Frost says:

    At 7:25, the piano music? Who’s the artist and the name of the song? If you
    don’t mind my asking. Great work by the way!!!

  23. OJakkeO says:

    so beautiful :)

  24. Kcuf Elgoog says:

    Forty years later in Grandpa’s attic……”Mom, what’s this wooden bowl
    for” – “I don’t know, just throw it in the donate box and get down here”

  25. DFbowlcarver says:

    Yes, I eat cereal all of the time out of a wooden bowl. The shape of the
    one in the video is better for serving things on the table. By the way,
    loved you in National Treasure.

  26. Dex Derknor says:

    Now that’s talent

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