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Why choose WordPress Software for your web site?

WordPress.org site - Why Choose WordPress Software For Your Web Site

WordPress.org site – Why Choose WordPress Software For Your Web Site

Just at the very very beginning I would like to declare that you can make a blog with other high quality software programs as well, not WordPress is the only one. WordPress software contains so many extra features above the other products that it would be sin not to mention or neglect them. I personally like WordPress very much, because of its “knowledge” and easy-to-handle awesome features.

This website – you are currently on – has also been made with using WordPress software. However, I built a complete website around blogging in 2013 – visit HowCanIMakeABlog.com – , here I am willing to introduce its flexibility and why it could be better than the others.

What are the crucial points if we examine a blog software?

There are many ways. First of all examine the features will be offered. Then you can decide which one fits the best for your purposes.

1. Installation

If you choose any of the main Blog Site Providers, you can see that the wished blog site is almost ready to use. You have to define a blog name and title only and you may write your first blog. It is a very good feature if you want to write a blog at once.

2. Themes

What are Themes? As I have defined on How Can I Make A Blog – Definition Of WordPress Themes page: “A theme is not more and not less than a well-designed pre-built template with or without pictures and visible or invisible tables, headline(s), widgets which can boost or weaken the force of your main topic.” In most cases you can choose from the predefined Themes. 10-12 pre-built Themes are offered by the different providers usually. If you want more you may buy so-called Premium Themes. Their prices may vary from $15 – $100 /piece.

3. Plug-Ins

Plug-Ins have great importance. Basically they are groups of supplementary programs designed for special purposes. They have various functions i.e. from making social connections through data backup to e-commerce.

4. Customization

Customization means flexibility in this case. You should examine how easy is to change the view of your site, placement of widgets, headers, etc.

5. Developing Opportunities

How can you develop your existing blog?

6. Anti-Spam Software

What kind of software do the Blog Site Provider offer or is there any?

7. Handling

How difficult is to change Themes, Posts, the Content or the site over all?

8. Respect

Is the Blog Site Provider respected on its area?

What other can we say about WordPress Software?

In my opinion WordPress is the king on its area if you compare it with other blogging software. On my How Can I Make A Blog – Start A Blog From Scratch – Part 1 site you will find all the necessary tools to run a WordPress Blog as soon as possible – FREE. This was the aim I have written the site. If you join HCMBlog Club you will get a dozen complimentary materials to run your Blog more effectively.

What are these auxiliary materials?

I have made a video about the very first steps, How Can I Make A Blog From Scratch – Part 1-2-3. Watch the video first, please.
(Allow the video some seconds to load, please. You can use the menu to select from the titles.)

Let’s summarize the necessary knowledge you have to learn if you want to install WordPress Software and run a Blog based on it:

  • Basic WordPress software installation process using cPanel or manually. Follow along how to get WordPress setup and running it in as little as 5 minutes! You can follow cPanel Installation watching the Free video!
  • Understanding and using the WordPress Dashboard: Examine how simple it is to organize WordPress according to your preference.
    Posting made simple: Discover how to add, format and publish content to your site using the built-in WYSIWYG editor inside WordPress. I’ll even show you a nifty little tool that will allow you to automate your content.
  • Optimizing Permalinks For Search Engines: Out of the box, WordPress permalinks structure isn’t very search engine friendly by any means. But if you want to rank well in Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc. you might change them in order to optimize their format. In this section you can learn how to optimize your permalinks virtually guarantying you more free traffic!
  • Creating and adding pages: If you want to create multiple pages or add pages separate from your main content, no problem! I’ll show you how easy this is to do, and how to organize pages in any order you wish.
  • Customizing WordPress with themes: Here in this video you can learn how to change the appearance of your site for it’s advantage just by changing it’s theme. There are thousands of themes available online and you can learn you how to download, unzip and activate them easily. Some are without , some are with charge.
  • Working with Widgets: Widgets allow you to add some really cool features and functionality to your site. Everything will be covered you need and ever wanted to know in order to get the most out of using widgets.
  • The power of Plugins: Expand your sites features with Plugins. I’ll reveal some of the best plugins to use, where to get them, how to install them automatically and more importantly, how to use them correctly.
  • How To Add Gravatars: Learn how to use Gravatars to automatically add faces to names and build relationships with your readers.
  • Controlling Spam: Everyone hates spam and the amount of spammers waiting – nobody understands why – to invade your site can be downright frustrating. In this section I’ll would like to explain how to block virtually all spammers without ever having to lift a finger!
  • Adding Contact Form: Once you have your site up and running you’ll want to give your readers a way to contact you. We’ll go over several options available to you and show you step by step how to add a “contact us” form to your site.
  • How to Insert Images, Audio and Video: As the wise says pictures are worth a thousand words or more! Discover how to import and integrate your images in WordPress. You can also learn how to format your pictures, add captions, audio, video and much more…

You will get as your own as the follows: books about EBay, Yahoo, Twitter, Blogging, Cash Making, Avoiding On-Line Scams and more. WordPress Themes, Pingler Software, E-book Cover Maker Software with Video Tutorials, WordPress Themes, How To Use WordPress Software Tutorial Mastery Videos – 60 pcs /.mp4, High Quality – are parts of the basic package, too.

As an On-Site Teaching materials – for HCMBlog Club Members – Video Tutorial (18 pcs) about Amazon.com (from how to be an affiliate through blog creation to building a complete Amazon Store on a WordPress blog), Traffic Training Video, Flipping PLR Video, and it is improving.

Visit How Can I Make A Blog.com site if you are interested!

SEE you there!

Gyula Olah - electrical engineer, author, publisher

Gyula Olah
electrical engineer, author, publisher