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What does it mean Miscellaneous Pages?

You may think anything you want. The real fact is, that if I have some spare time (not too much), and I am creating new sites. To be more exact: more, standalone, independent pages. They belong to my main site, and they are related somehow to my ideas.

What is my intention with these miscellaneous pages?

To be honest, I am willing to share my opinion with you, or want to show something new, interesting. Or, I am simply interested in the topic.
That’s all.

Categories, Topics:

1. Blogging

My First Blog Site: This is not my first blog site. As I have shown on the accompanied video, this is the blog page I created on the video. I left it purposefully untouched (a bit).
Kedvenc Állataim (My Favorite Animals): Its language is Hungarian. This is the other example-site I made on the accompanied Hungarian video. Its directory-structure is untouched (a bit), too.

2. Business

–  Forex Trading Robots: Almost everybody is speaking about these Monetary Robots. Is it a hype, or reality? Can you earn money using them? Watch the videos, and you will be able to imagine that world.
Learn To Make Money On The Internet: Do you want to learn and earn? This site was made for you. Hints, tips, ways and proven techniques to become a millionaire. Or, at last gaining some money.

3. Crafts

Woodworking For Expert And DIY Woodworkers: A complete site dedicated to woodworking and woodworkers, even for the experts. Woodworking tools, descriptions, hints, tips and 1000s of plans.

4. Education

Programming HTML: Learn programming HTML, Pearl, PHP, CSS, Ruby or other web programming languages. Learn to use Dreamweaver, Photoshop and other useful software.
Learn Digital Photography From The Experts: Nowadays, Digital Photography plays very important role in our life. This knowledge is vital for every blogger and marketer. Learn it from the experts.

5. Health

Organic Savings – The Real Truth: What kind of food are we eating? Find The Real Truth watching the related video. Interesting.

6. Pets

Cat Training, Health And Care: How to make a Cat happy? Cat Trees with Free Plans, Tricks, Free E-books, Useful and Funny Videos you must watch. How to recognize our favorite pet’s Illness or Disease? Learn more…

7. Self-Improvement

Sculptations – The Next Generation of MindSculpting: Our minds are the gatekeepers to the lives we crave. To attract success and Sculpt our lives, we have to train our brains to think differently and to focus on attaining our desires. Learn more…and access your 3 FREE MindSculpting Tracks today!

8. Sports

Squashfit – Squash Training, Fitness Coach: The EXACT Training & Fitness Program used by today’s Top World-Ranked Pros… Is now available to You!
Tennis Vault – Online Tennis Video Site: Legendary tennis instructor, Mauro Marcos and coach Kyril Popoff provide Tennis Vault Members with over 10 Hrs of online video instruction (60+ videos, and we’re always adding more!), Plus a $47 DVD for just $7.95!
Tennis Pro Secrets – Tennis Backhand And Forehand: One-on-one interviews with ATP Tennis Stars, top Coaches & People with High Level of Experience in the field of Tennis. Get their secrets, strategies & tips, and take your game to the Next Level.

9. Technology

Utilization Of Solar Energy – Save On Your Energy Bill: Our future is the utilization of renewable solar energy. Find solar energy cells, equipment, guide about them. Cut your energy-bills!

Enjoy staying here!

Thank you for visiting and reading!

Gyula Olah - electrical engineer, author, publisher

Gyula Olah
electrical engineer, author, publisher


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