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Top Junior Tennis Player – Age 12 – Yovan Lambros – Match Play Highlights – HD Video!

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Matchplay highlights of Yovan. All the work on your speed, power and footwork really is beginning to show in your game. Keep up the great work :)


TooleyPeter says:

What grip is he using on the forehand? It looks like a full Western.

Freakster LOL says:

A battle between Mr. EH and Mr.OI
Jokes aside, i’m impressed by the play. I can play like that, maybe in 5

Joel Santana says:


Maxence tennis 974 says:

Hello, thank you for your answer. You live where? If a day, we could see
each other, would be a very big enjoyment for us. Your son entraine in what
academy, how much hour a week?. What is the name of its entraineur, kept
silent about him showed the videos of Maxence? See you soon

Kai Arnanz says:

you are greek or american?

Michael Jalpota says:

Looks like he’s playing a girl

WinX says:

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve seen your Tennis videos. Your hard work
is really paying off. I’ve just decided to subscribe. Good luck Yovan!

Thye kuiper says:

I can serieus tennis like that and my ranking is single 7.00 dubbel 8.00

Ahmed Abd Alkreem says:

alex if u can upload more clibs about yovan progress I really appreciate

Alexander Lambros says:

We train at PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Alexander Lambros says:

16 year old girl that plays ITF

Woojin Shin says:

u play good but ur enemy is a girl 😀

PaulChrisS98 says:

You are pretty good

Cdr736 says:

Those noises gosh is there a need

Yovan Lambros says:

Thank you very much, but i haven’t posted a vid in a while i am sure the
next video will be in a week or so, Thanks tho

Parker robles says:

Where is this academy

Parker robles says:

I swear I have seen u in a tourney u pretty good keep up the good work work
on the serve and forehand a bit u will be great

Alexander Lambros says:

We live in Jupiter, Florida. We train at PGA National Golf and Tennis
Resort. Not at an academy. I am his father and his trainer from the
beginning at the age of 5 years old. Train about 8 hours a week + 2 matches
per week and two days physical fitness of about 1 1/2 hour per session. We
do not work too many hours but try to work with quality. Are you Maxences
trainer? Father?

cratera2002 says:

he’s very skilled. keep it up!

Maxence tennis 974 says:

Magnificent video, with numerous quality exchanges. Yovan in very good
qualities physical appearance(physics) especially a good footwork. During
this tournament, what was the surface? See you soon

Alexander Lambros says:

Hello my friend. Thanks for the positive comments. Surface is green clay
(har-tru). How is Maxence. You are doing magnificent job with him. Love
your last video as well. Come and see us some time if it is at all
possible. All the best and keep up the great work :)

Ahmed Abd Alkreem says:

The great yovan keep it up budy ((:

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