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Tennis Tips: Two Handed Backhand Wrist Position

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http://TheTennisVault.com In this tennis instructional video, Coach Mauro Marcos explains the importance of keeping your wrist cocked through the contact zon…


alex :) says:

the best the best videos ever !!! u are really good coach !!!

老何 says:

Always awesome, Coach!

Naomi Amani says:

This simple tip just made so much sense. Kind of lost my BH which was my
dominant shot before fixing my forehand and I think my wrist is too stiff.
When you play your regular forehand, the wrist is naturally cocked. Thanks
for the tip. ^^

MaxFlare says:

This is a smart man. I never knew misconception of such a detail can
compromise your technique.

MajorAddiction says:

Will keep this in mind, thanks

chronicgreen says:


CoachKyril says:

I suggest using Continental on lower hand (RH for right handers, LH for
lefty), “so you already have the correct grip on that hand” in case you
want to release the other hand switching to a slice shot… and either the
Eastern OR Semi-Western on the upper hand (LH for right handers, RH for
lefty), that’s a personal preference. Try both, to see which one feels
better. At The Tennis Vault, inside the Members Area OR on my DVD, I
explain the possible grips to use, and the “how & why” of them. (CM)

arjay salomon says:

im excited to try this been a player since I was a kid and the backhand is
the only missing piece in my arsenal,, hopefully this makes me an A+ player

meliseeff says:

This video makes so much sense it’s incredible! Thanks, Coach!

Tom Albery says:

Great. Thanks!

Hazel Bentulan says:

Cheers! 😉

Son Tran says:


jjedgcombe says:

good stuff, I have only recently taken to the two handed backhand after
years of playing – my backhand side has always been the much weaker side of
my game and hoping to change that with developing a two-handed backhand

Kody Andy says:

Great video! I have been trying to use the two handed backhand for 2 years
now and could never figure out what I was doing that made the ball always
go out. This really helped :)

CoachKyril says:

Dear Larry, thanks for your very nice positive feedback my friend, your
words touched me big time, and made me feel once again that my adventure
coaching through the internet has been so well worth it and gratifying!!
Cheers to you for again loving our amazing sport, keep on plugging away,
remembering always that the infinite sky is the limit!! SALUTEnnis!! (Coach

I Am Elixir - Alotic says:

good video!

CoachKyril says:

you are very welcome! appreciate all positive feedback! (CM)

Larry Tran says:

i used to play in highschool competitively but never had love for the sport
since i couldn’t improve. i started at a very young age. I couldnt afford a
coach to help my game and relied on my older bros. Now 9 years later, I
have played everyday for the past 2 months because of you. i know you get
that a lot but i have watched all your videos and you made me love this
sport again. thank you for all you have done for me and you don’t even know

Enrico Luzi says:

Opa ! Estou jogando há 2 meses apenas 2x por semana e as dicas por aqui tem
ajudado a agilizar o processo, boa iniciativa ! Abraço !

rama krishna says:

great tip!!!

Xanda Xu says:

Thanks. I just tried this and my backhand became stronger

Noahnois says:

Tennis is awesome! I love playing it with my friends, great pointers!

Alejandra Valenzuela says:

This is exactly what i was looking for! I remmebered my old good coach told
me that but since he is not teaching anymore, my new coach couldn’t figure
out that was my mistake on my backhand! Wich used to be great before. This
videoss are exelent!! You are my new coach now since there is nobody good
in my town. Thanks alot from mexico!

Percy Tate says:

This advice significantly increased my 2 handed control. I have also
increased my forehand control. I’m not sure why somebody didn’t explain
this to me before. Thanks – great video

ed devera says:

once again thank you for the great pointers…more power to you coach kyril

David Yagi says:

Hi Coach Marcos, Thanks for the tip…seems I was hitting quite
wrong…I’ll try to fix it…Saudações de Juiz de Fora – MG… David Yagi

I Am Elixir - Alotic says:

I have heard some different opinions on the two-handed backhand grip. For
both hands, what grips do you suggest?

macwhites says:

nice tip again coach mauro that will improve my double hander thanks

ultrafatty says:

yes that makes sense. great knowledge.

bqndc says:

the best and simplest double-handed backhand instruction! thank you for

Andru00789 says:

Thanks a lot for your videos, are very useful, I am improving my tennis and
coaching my 9 years old sun. Greetings from Colombia. Muchas Gracias Mauro
haces mucho bien con tus videos!!!

Armando Lara says:

Well, I am 1HB but this is very useful when sometimes i do the 2HB

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