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Tennis Serve – Tips For Effective Serving with Coach Avery

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ADD 15+ MPH To Your Serve Here:

SEE Alexander Dolgopolov’s Servive motion with a TOSS just to the peak of his reach:

4 tennis serve tips for effective serving with coach Avery that will teach you 4 points to a easier and efficient serve. Learn how to serve in tennis with these instructions from coach Tom Avery.

Tennis Serving Techniques and tips:

Tip #1 – The toss should be out in front, at 1 o’clock

Tip #2 – A loop toss always keeps the ball out in front

Tip #3 – Toss only to the peak of your reach

Tip #4 – Learning a throwing motion will greatly improve your serve


Tennis Lessons Online with Tom Avery says:

If you think that a toss to the peak of your reach does not give you enough
time please check out the serves of ATP pros Marin Cilic, Alexander
Dolgopolov, the Bryan brothers and Dustin Brown.
all the best,

zapokaratmarat says:

guys from europe and south america have a problem with throwing motion…..
sorry ..hahah… this is great I think these are excellent tips…
but that was just really stupid…because they play soccer not baseball..
hahahahaha….really really stupid

Chuck Hardwick says:

Coach Avery: That is a really well done video. Thank you for posting.
Have a match at 1 pm today, can’t wait to try out your tips today!

E Monsoon says:

I think nadal hits the ball at the peak, but roger fed, novak, don’t. So I
guess its an individual thing.

Johnny McNugget says:

Hey tom. I watched your video yesterday and went out and applied it in a
match. While I lost and got broken a few times, I know this technique was
helping a lot more than my over tossing and muscle serving. Ever after two
sets, I didn’t feel any of the strain that my incorrect old service motion
produced. This motion feels a lot more natural and smooth to me and I know
with time and practice it will eventually produce a much more consistent
and powerful serve for me. Thanks for the tips. I did manage to hit a few
aces as well :)

0o0Donski says:

I just have a few questions because a lot of what you talk about in your
video seem to contradict what my coaches believe.

Shouldnt the toss be at 12? This would give you the ability to serve flat,
kick and slice whenever, having a different ball toss for your kick serve
makes your serve more predictable.

Wouldnt having the ball toss land 3-5 ft inside the court be way too far
forward? Having it that far forward makes it troublesome to lead with your
hip inside the court and it would also take away a lot of the power youd be
able to generate from your legs. Again having it that far forward would
take away all possibility of serving a kick serve.

And also, it should be higher than the peak of your reach easily, you have
to give yourself time set in a good trophy position, also having the ball
that low takes out a lot of power as you wouldnt be able to load and push
up with your legs, the only thing generating power would be your arm and a
fraction of your legs.

Also wouldnt having a backswing like that which is long and quite extended
and a balltoss that low be terrible? Having that balltoss that low would
force you to rush your serve and make your action seem jerky.

bobice555 says:

your looping forward technique is interesting but personally, i find that
extra motion results in an inconsistent location for my toss. personally, i
like to keep my tossing arm in front, with minimum drop, much like nadal. 

khurram saeed says:

Hi Coach Avery how are you hope you are okay and well Coach Avery I ask one
thing where do live in America?

Your sincerely.
Khurrum Saeed.

indionewbike says:

Great tip coach! Here in Brazil, we training since we were kids throwing
stones to fell
the mango fruits. And the trees are so high…
That it works for most of us!

Mortimer says:

Any club player can learn from this .

nestor javier montoya rivera says:

Great fast-tutorial… ill practice those tips the next weekend!

itai windler says:

thanks Tom you helped me very much my serves are much more better than they
used to be!
Now I can help my friends with the serves…..
I used to think that tossing higher is the the best way to success with the
serves .
one more time I would like to say thank you!!!!

klingeeify says:

nooo thats wrong…not leaning in like that..it should be like shooting an
arrow from a bow…

Lakmal Wickramasinghe says:

Explanation is 100% clear and seems effective thanks for the super tips
which is the best I have seen in youtube videos. :) 

khosro soltani says:

very good teacher, thank you…

TempterMan says:

Why don’t you make a video on how to avoid foot fault? It would be very
useful I think!

Steve Kahle says:

Such great coaching, Coach Avery! The impact to my serve has been
significant. Thank you for posting this video.

purp says:

The nerdy side of me is coming out and all I have to say is that gravity is
not a rate- it is an acceleration. :)

But we understood your point so maybe that’s what really matters.


I don’t totally agree with the toss explanation. When the toss is at the
peak of the reach, you don’t have enough time to developp the entire
throwing motion and that affect the movement and loose power. 

Elad Menahem says:

This is defently the best video on YouTube for learning how to serve!

Thank you for the tips!!

Drea Alvarado says:

You have such helpful videos!

Zachary Pfleghaar says:

I was having problems with my serve and applying a few of your tips helped
me immensely. Thank you!

Pat Motley says:

Thanks for your help, your videos help me understand little things that
make the perfect shots that I can sometimes not focus on in training

Krishna Chaitanya says:

Physics for toss is perfect

Philip Wall says:

Hey Tom! Great video! I have an excellent slice serve, but my flat serve
only goes in 1/5 of the time, what should I do?

Viktor Petrovski says:

hey ,if anyone else is searching for
tennis volley tips video try *Greega Tennis Ace Guru* (do a google search
) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my colleague got cool
success with it.

Matthew Trotman says:

Excellent tips again Tom , Thanks. 

Rai ou says:

if you are over 40 and you are not that good player you should listen to

Jomel M. says:

Berdych has a high toss though and its pretty powerful o.o

Ray Manbert says:

I personally like to toss it above the hitting zone and let it come down
though more difficult is puts more disguise on your serve. Roger does
this a bit but Thomas Berdych and Ernests Gulbis use this technique and |i
consider they both have excellent serve. Thank you however for your

TDJAdventures says:

At 6:00 that’s a scorpian serve

Радослав Занков says:

I bet you produce more power hitting at 12 o’clock compared to 1 :)

Andy LaMar says:

Great tips! I really appreciate these videos.

total_gamer1989 says:

I toss the ball rather high 12’o clock and wait in the trophy position for
it to come in my hitting zone. I can generate lots of pace this way. It
goes unreturned much of the times if it lands in, but doesn’t land in as
often I’d like it to. I’d like to give this a try, use the 1’o clock toss,
with the loop and lean for a trustworthy slice second serve.

Asep Heryana says:

Bagus sekali

Lena glt says:

Great tips, thank you so much!

Eduardo Pereyra says:

those are some good tips! thanks!

Erin Hankins says:

Very helpful

Halosagalover says:

This is the best tennis serve video ive seen

Kenny James says:

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are a truth seeker, g0 t0 truthcontest ** c0m and open -The Present.-

tonandada says:

Great tips, thanks

Siva Rajesh Kamarajugadda says:

T e lu gu devo tionals9ngs

nicbleu says:

good toss will alway win 😀 OP race

Aurangzeb Khan says:

The other day, I saw delpotro at the world tour finals and he always tossed
his ball behind his head, at about 11 o clock

Luiz Demetrio De Almeida says:


Cris Diesta says:

Best one yet!

nicbleu says:

i hate toss D:

paul kerr says:

V helpful thanks

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