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Tennis Recruiting Video 2012 – Andres Acevedo

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My name is Andres Acevedo, I´m from Caracas, Venezuela and I am looking for a scholarship opportunity to play competitive college tennis For Contact: jfaceve…


Rodolfo Arreygue says:

Cambia la empunadura o te vas a lastimar la muneca, incluso por lo forzada que esta la muneca haces el movimiento hacia atras de brazo y cuerpo

sam johnson says:

I recently picked up tennis in my free time and started playing for my school team. Best decision I’ve ever made. But you’re way better than I’ll ever be! Great video. Good luck getting recruited.

bobbyfrostful says:

wowww just like almagro

Andres Acevedo says:

Right now I’m studying at University of Louisiana at Lafayette but I’m not in the tennis team, if you know about any university interested contact me: andrew-094@hotmail.com or andresrcevedoo@gmail.com

Manuel Garcia de Veas says:

Great player:good forehand,backhand,great movement.
The only advice for you is maybe to hit the forehand with less spin so that it will go faster,otherwise youve got it all.
Keep working!!

kingslave021 says:

I think he’s a bit stiff.

Nicholas Spencer says:

what a beautiful place to play.

Thanh Nguyen says:


surfjabroni says:

He has great technique but the real battle is mental and unfortunately unless we see tournament results it’s difficult to tell how much of a player anyone with a recruitment video is. That said I am sure he could kick me off the court as I am only NTRP 4.0

tobistarw2 says:

great player ull go far

Mrlegend947 says:

Luke Saville :)

Purpledrank4515 says:

What is your name hot shot?

zegeff says:

beautiful one handed backhand with nadal’s racket

Angus Banks says:

you have a lovely backhand. i wish i could transfer from a two to a one handed backhand

Mrlegend947 says:

i might do that, I am either looking to go pro or to college so if I go to college I will certainly upload a video of myself. Already got an offer from pepperdine for a 100% scholarship, there top 10 btw :) You’ll be the first to see it :)

agentbb007 says:

I’ve seen you post comments on multiple recruiting videos being critical of the players form. Post a video of your forehand so we can critique you too. Nadal doesn’t have picture perfect form but he’s done pretty well for himself…

MrGibsonLX says:

Great technique. Tienes futuro!

WillonFire87 says:

hot.. :)

Ram Santanam says:

He actually did foot fault a couple times, I can point it out in the video if you’d like. That being said, he is a very good player and I do disagree with the guy you were replying to

But that being said, just because he is extremely negative, doesnt mean you have to be extremely positive. It’s not like he called him fat or ugly. He had an opinion. He may be wrong (and I agree that he is), but you dont have to call his comment ‘mindless garbage’, especially when you aren’t 100% right yourself.

Mrlegend947 says:

horrible forehand. You should extend your elbow on contact for increased power. Also change your grip.

Yash Bhagat says:

you are a good player

MegaGoldenFlame says:

lol so your trolling too 😉 no im joking yes i agree with you he got a very good forehand its just not a technique often used by player thats just why other troll on that and is backhand is good too its just so effortless that its seems not powerful but he use all the lenght of his arm its very beautiful. but when he serveat the beginnig of the motion he ark his back but its just a little but that could lead 😛 its the only thing i see bad from his technique 😛 al the other is almost perfect

Cameron Wolfe says:

poor shot selection

sonytennis2009 says:

where areyou playing this year

Byron Manning says:

shotty forhand technique wont take you far

Malaysianmaestro says:

reminds me of Gasquet…especially on his backhand..good luck bro…

optimumtennis says:

Actually, I think he has pretty good footwork and a solid overall game. I don’t know why the critics here are out on full force. He can probably get on a D2 school somewhere in the US. Full scholarship? probably not. Opportunity to play college tennis in the U.S? Certainly.

BronyTennis says:

I think his footwork is a little clumpy and mechanical, but he’s a pretty good player :), but like other people say, to really make your recruiting video “realistic” you would probably want to video yourself in a match *even better if it’s in a tournament* so recruiters can see your match potential.

DomoPT says:

and stop spamming every facking comment
what is the point if you dont listen to the critics.
I started tennis 1 year ago and i play in grass much more faster than your court
getting a slow close to the net ball in grass its so much more difficult
dropshots from the baseline evn worst
its not in the backhand or forehand that you actually hitted thousand of times that they will se something special in you its in the hard balls occasions remenber that.

DomoPT says:

in slow hardcourt everything seems so easy….
in my opinion making a tennis recruiting video should not be training with friends.
first he can be faking and second you just put your best shots in the edition!
if you added some clips of you against a real opponent that would be different.
but really u had more to show you just showed 2-3 approach shots
when they are recruiting guys its not in the backhand and forehand consistency and power
ppl making videos like you are thousands outhere!

Ericman2043 says:

lol… there is nothing wrong with that.

Ericman2043 says:


ObsessedPersonality says:

5’7 is not 175 cm……

Michael Crowley says:

For the love of God, tennis does not need any more backcourt players.

Gianni Orsini says:

if you hit ur forehand more infront u will hit 10x faster

BashfulProductions says:

He is not bad for his age but realistically….his strokes need improvement and volleys but in like 2-3 years he can get the scholarship…sorry man, dont be discouraged though keep practising :)

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