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Tennis Kick Serve Progressions: Step 1: Swing and Pronate

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www.fuzzyyellowballs.com The first step of the tennis kick serve progressions is to learn how to swing and pronate correctly. In the kick serve fundamentals section of the website, we said that you have to swing up and across the tennis ball. We go into more detail about this point. Also, we demonstrate how to shadow the motion and, later, how to practice hitting the tennis ball. For more FREE video tennis lessons on the kick serve, as well as other shots, visit www.fuzzyyellowballs.com !


ravi48819 says:

Is there a similar progressions lesson for the Slice Serve?

poison824 says:

THANKS soo much! Before I was serving but there was very little kick or it was landing too long. Turns out I was pronating completely wrong. Watched your video, and tried the correct pronation and my serves are finally kicking. Sooo happy! Thanks :)

SteveZussou says:

HI, I’m confused do I use an eastern forehand grip or eastern backhand grip. I’m left handed btw. Cheers

Chucksvirtualtennis says:

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johntesoriero says:

I am having such a hard time hitting from the left to the right side of the ball. It seems uncomfortable for me. Any tips to make it easier?  Thank you in advance.

anamariajotis says:

i have a question, as the first serve as the second serve have the same grip or the grip change in the serves

Superlative101 says:

I was wondering if you’ve ever played anyone on the ATP tour???

dudemusicspace says:

Will I’m so pleased your’e a lefty! I was right handed playing but due to injury switched to lefty… after a year and a bit I’m managing maybe 100+ mph serves… just… hitting the court cage with fairly flat serves at around two or three feet. Overall though… you being lefty is just really helpful for me LOL! Thanks for thinking of the righties too though! :O)

P.S. sometimes I still hit a righty forehand if I can’t reach with the double handed backhand… but am switching to single.

Fitness4London says:

Kick serve is great for getting ball high over net, cuts down on errors. Lots of opponents have difficulty handling the high bounce too. A great weapon!

TheLeilisa says:

will i grow taller if i play tennis regularly ?

Wesam Ibrahim says:

toooooooooooooooo much details, but thanks anyway

lureyourkidsinvan says:

FYI, if you’re using Final Cut or pretty much any decent software program, you can flip 90 degrees and the picture will be in the POV of a right hander. It’s just makes it easier to visualize at around the 2:40 mark.

TennisAndGuitarPro says:

are you using a donnay racquet? aren’t those discontinued?

marcnmaxibons says:

Dude your videos are awesome. Can’t wait to save some money and go premium!

seanspiering says:

pronate! hahaha i love this

MsGlamXX says:

an informative vid!thx :)
nyways i seek an advice…im a righty…well which grip gives me a good kick?semi eastern?…nt quite comfy wid dat…cn u suggest any easier grip?

saavedramarcelo says:

Finally got to understand what it means when they talk about the ball and the clock…

djlpenguin says:

i was told that young people that havent hit their growth spurt shoudn’t kick serve. something to do with the arch of the back. should i or not, and if so, will it be really bad?

coaxialcable says:

THIS IS GREAT!!! Thanks for the progression and it helps!

sith211 says:

This really helps thanks i think that is why i got the bagels on my matches today i got some really good kick serves in today 😀

Keatonus says:

Thanks for the progressions! They’re helping me a lot! Time to get out there and practice

Sasuke338901 says:

no. kick serve is hit differently. twist serve is hit from 8 to 2

Sasuke338901 says:

same with a righty kick serve to a lefty

Viii3tRyCe1 says:

lefty kick serve is kinda useless against righty because it goes to the forehand

aaa3746 says:

хорошие уроки.молодцы.gut

djarnexus says:

lol fyb is better than my tennis coach… i’ve learned more about the flat serve (including the name) from FYB than i have at school on the Tennis team.

kabadoom123 says:

this is the same serve as the twist serve right?

kabadoom123 says:

umm between the 7oclock direction and the 8oclock direction….which one gives more of a irregular bounce?


4golfonline says:

This is a good video with some great tips. Fyb do do good vidoes.

gewooneerlijk says:

hi does he got straight (across) when he go up .?

Nekrohol says:

yes you have to do what l said, if you don’t generate a lot of head-speed or if you don’t hit it hard, the serve will just be a sitter and it will be easily put away by any respectable player

nathan155555 says:

no not neccessarly all you have to do on a kick serve to make it kick up really high is getting underneith the ball and generating topspin as you make contact with it

Nekrohol says:

they hit them with a lot of racket head speed and with power, you’ve got to give it your all on those serves

retox says:

doublea422, get a program called YouTube downloader from Cnet. You can download any Youtube video to anything you want.

enkii82 says:

hahaha. like tennis ball. it’s so cute!!! haaha.. nice job again

gewooneerlijk says:

when you see pro players hitting them kickserve they go up to 2,3 meters up
how they doing that.?

theboyz7 says:

well it is pretty easy to down videos from youtube. but you have to convert it somehow. so you know. type in youtube search for “ how to download youtube videos.’ and then you have it.

maxsun107 says:

get an iPhone

doublea422 says:

these videos are very helpful but i need to be able to take it to a court and dont want to take my computer to a court. i was wondering if there is a way to get these videos on to my ipod i saw on your website an ipod download but when i click on it, it brings up windows media player which an ipod cant download from there. thank you for helping me with this serve.

vXxLuXoRxXv says:

Thanks for this video alot. I have learned the kick serve. But there is one thing a lack a bit, which is speed on the kick serve. How can
I add more speed to my kick serve?

FYB2007 says:

well one thing you can do is play from the service line like i do in this video. swing as hard as you can but try and get the ball in w/maximum spin (so you’re brushing the ball a lot). that will help you develop the correct swing direction. again, work up to full speed — don’t try it immediately.

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