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Just a compilation of tennis falls and injuries of the recent years


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Andrea Petkovic
Julien Benneteau
Marion Bartoli
Maria Sharapova
Roger Federer
Caroline Wozniacki
Sabine Lisicki
Serena Williams
Venus Williams
Novak Djokovic
Na Li
Juan Martin Del Potro
Victoria Azarenka


Dragomir Donchev says:

9:50 – Nigga stole a tennis racquet

Emmy Johnson says:

Djokovic is amazing, he just ignored the pain until the point was finish.
Sharapova seems to know how to fall and avoids worse injuries. That
Wozniacki rally was so long, it was a big shame she was injured.

Jai Courvoisier says:

Obviously, a negro uploaded this video.

marko janjetovic says:

I think it’s clear that Andrea Petkovic’s least favourite surface is most
likely clay.

Khaled Alfaris says:

All of them are twisted-ankle injuries. And from experience, I have to tell
you it HURTS like a bitch.
The interesting thing is that Sharapova anticipates the injury before it
happens and lift her foot quickly to prevent it.

Renault Magnum says:

at 2:14 ” oh hey girl i’m just going to borrow this,ok ? ” xD

apexxy says:

Ok had to stop watching at 2:00. These are too painful and sad to watch.

gega27tt says:

Aaggh that fucking ankle left twisting is the most hated injury! It hurts
so much D: and if it happens 1 time, then it happens all the game….

Ivangel Music says:

the song fail

Andrew Nguyen says:

This is the most unfitting song I Have ever heard in a video. I mean
really? Justin timberlake??

anynameyouwant says:

Assholes. Why put shitty music over the sound of anguished screams of

Mike Hunt says:

Gay compulsory 20 second advert meant I boycotted the video sadly.

homersexone says:

This is not fun

Erik Charles says:

lame ass ghetto music

J0nB0yH88 says:

people rolling round on floor crying, reminds me of football, except these
tennis players are actually hurt and not just wankers :)

Joseph M. says:

A video about tennis injuries and Nadal not in it. That’s a first. 

Maximilianus01 says:

I guess most of these are because of the shoes used.

actual foot base sohuld be “zero” close to the ground as much as possible
to avoid higher moments on the shoe side line, that causes ankle twisting.

My opinion is, classical sports shoe is not suitable for this game! Yet
they wear it, or are forced to wear it! does that make sense for anyone?

Karim Melikian says:

wow. what a surprise. no sign whatsoever of that kilt knob head murray
seeming to give a shit when benneteau gets injured

DarkSun931 says:

Andy Murray rolling around in the dirt like the pig he is :)

annalisa712 says:

I feel so bad when I see them crying because I know that it’s not just the
pain that’s getting to them. It’s the fact that they can’t finish the game
:/ can make you feel like a big let down sometimes. I hope they all
recovered alright.

PunkSkaful says:

They all have the same injuries! “Ankle Injury”

RichieT says:

my god worst music ever 

Jose Garnier says:

Lesson learn… No clay court for me.

Дебиллизатор Евгения Кроха says:

медсестра из Counter-Strike, ждём дополнения

merome duzgaming says:

Maximillanus01, u don’t know what the game is about unless u play it so
just stop talking crap

Brandespada says:

Test your memory: by Na Li’s second injury to her ankle she hit the ball
hard. Question: did she win the point? Think first, then check here 13:57

edgar fuentes says:

ooouch maria :/

first law indonesia says:

who is the last guy, who has great balance

BranlandAdventures says:

TENNIS FALLS & INJURIES: http://youtu.be/ILxmWZKEh3o

SacreDro says:

That’s what happens when u wore faggot shoes that don’t improve anything.

Karim Melikian says:

the best one by far was when aza-shiek-a got injured. can’t stand her

blablabla8172 says:

Best way to ruin a video – add some gay shitty music to it.

chusmarin says:

The girl in 9:45 can’t be that injured. 


GOTDAMN!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SADISTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! And this “watanabe” Justin
Timberlake “Minstrel Show” Quasi Black Music is annoying!!!!

Chewy V says:

Why do they play on clay, 90% of the injuries are on clay it’s just a ankle

Kathryn Manion says:

I don’t mean to be mean or anything, but Lol Djokovic at 12:10 – 12:20 or
something. That must’ve been painful but still kinda funny.

lickmetender says:

rofl you must be sissy if you get injured in tennis

PaullHutchh says:

0:05 is the worst.

Mohammed Omair says:

FUCK Your stupid music maaaaan

503TD says:

9:55 is that a bone coming out her leg?

j rom says:

Ughh that annoying niger music.

Hyren Peterson says:

I play tennis and I am always so scared to see shit like this. Especially
coming back from an injury to the tennis court is so scary because you move
with so much caution. A terrible thing.

Matreex O.M says:

All i see is asses 

Latino Boy says:

esta retorciendo de dolor y lo unico que veo es un chaval k va a recoger la
raqueta y la chica llorando digo era obvio que estaba lesionada noo??

Lee Roberts says:

Great footage, but if people feel like they MUST add background music, it
needs to appropriate, occasional and instrumental. No actual singing. It’s

Robofork115 says:

gotta admit the guy at 12:15 kept it up pretty damn well

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