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Tennis ball cannon

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a little cannon that me and my friends made over one weekend. enjoy all the screwing around!


Dan Prepper says:

FUNNY…Should make that a new sport(game)…. flame ball….Checkout my videos/shows thx

axforever6 says:

How did you make this fucker?

mistermodified1 says:

Only some of us are like this…Ok most of us. If you would like to live here, there are still remote areas of the united states that you can reside without having to deal with these folks on a daily basis…

chopperchuck says:

we used steel beer cans and duct tape

skateboy159 says:

use hair spray

d0rknessZZ says:


S3RGI says:

this sucks!

16Echo101stID says:

Funny how we did this same thing back in the 70’s. Only we didn’t have video recorders like kids have now.

Still pretty funny though… “You got the hose. No, YOU get the hose.”

KllZoneAirsoft45 says:

i want 2 kill that bird

IslanderMAX says:

dumb Americans step on it

herlihyboy76 says:

step on it pussy!

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