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One of my favourite pole vault girls 10

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John Do says:

do you know how much i pause it!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Larstead says:

This Slovenian Woman is the real deal both as an athlete and as a lovely
natural beauty; what a smile?!? I’m guessing she may one day produce some
amazing children given her charm & grace. 

ReligiousZombie says:

HDTV: so crisp and clear and colorful, you can almost smell it.

Ha Hah says:

I’m guessing the cameraman isn’t an actual pole vaulting enthusiast.

americanmambi says:

ok ok i am her fan now

plica06 says:

Excellent work uploading this video.

americanmambi says:

i realized i was not watching this on 1080p…..

WaRiorGaminG says:

admit it,we all know why we clicked this vid

00nowhereman00 says:

Look at Canada sittin over there on the ground

IRunOverKidsInMyVan says:

I saw the thumbnail and just couldnt ignore

lampuiho says:

Alison Stokke is better looking

YourPalAL says:

Finally a womans sport I can get behind :D

Martin Wilmoth says:

Slovenija..She Used To Be A He.

cry_michelle says:

..what’s the point of this vid ?

Amélie Renoncule says:

My kid brother says that there IS “something magical” ’bout the way a
PV-gal, prior to the jump, strokes the end of his…ah, rather, THE
pole…with the magnesium carbonate chalk. The Horn Dog is always making
quips like that, at Olympics time. He claims that THAT is the only reason
for a man’s interest in the female events. This is true, oui?

CutieeGurlLisa says:

wow crazy stuff

HaloThree ProThree says:

Pause 1:04 dam

Matt S. says:

What? No frame by frame?

runnerJong says:

Me is not impressed!

Jim Rozzi says:

I will say it like it should be said …….. These athletes are angels
from God, Smart, healthy and they are gorgeous. If I may give some advice
to you young men of the world.Forget about Kim Kardashian or Lady Gaga
etc. These are REAL WOMAN !

Jibby H says:

lol nice

Quan Phan Van says:

All men like that! LOL

Chainsaw Dude says:

a couple of freeze frames might help me find the right spot to pause

Clifford Hensley says:

Hellll yea go girl 

Likegyldig76 says:

cathrine larsasen (larsåsen) from Norway is way more sexy

V magna says:

I never knew I liked this activity

GlobalFrag says:

Learn how to spell

RDaniel Arod says:

how the hell did this video get so many dislikes??

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