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Novak Djokovic imitates John McEnroe – US Open 2009 (tennis imitation)

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Novak Djokovic vs John McEnroe.


sicopr2003 says:

That’s why i like Novak over Nadal.

kelman221 says:

he is very rigid in most of his shot making (which is why he is so good because his technique is amazing). Also he does not show much personality on court compared to other players that I enjoy watching. I think Djokovic’s game is ugly, but I still like to watch because he is an entertainer and plays a really great mix of points and is very scrappy. Maybe now you kind of know what I mean.

Michael Smith says:

I have never heard anyone say that Federer’s style of play is boring before, what are you talking about?

kelman221 says:

What kind of point are you trying to make? I don’t understand. If you are trying to be funny or sarcastic then you are failing.

HarveyIsTheBoss says:

You said Federer’s game is boring. Is it so boring that the opponent just gets frustratingly bored and gives up?

kelman221 says:

what? that made no sense.

HarveyIsTheBoss says:

Yeah good enough to win not much like 17 slams.

kelman221 says:

Boring to watch play matches… but he makes up for it by being a cool guy off court and has a game that is good enough to watch despite being boring.

Agnes Beaumont says:

They’re not British, which is why they’ve never won it.

Christabel Montague says:

This is why they have a Sports PERSONALITY award, except the recipients don’t have a personality. These two do.

Yahuveh Pay Day Ahead says:

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dfadfadf dafadfadfa says:

world class volly form john !!!

elbotron says:

he is a Cetnik but also a entertainer

Dave de la Monica says:

He’s just a cheery guy too

nusknvp fanste says:

No.1e legenda

ivanmrkvc7 says:

So what,that doesn’t make him less boring

HarveyIsTheBoss says:

Federer boring? Need I tell you how many charity matches he’s been into?

19GirlBad says:

agree. its all about having a sense of humour.

mrselrahcable says:


UnitedStatesOfSpange says:

lmao whoa whoa get your head out of the gutter. I shouldnt of used the word gay to describe something. I should have said. I feel like a pervert for smiling at this video. Lol and wtf were you thinking?

batmannotahero says:

Don’t worry, it’s also because you are gay. Fucking pervert

Sven Tomanic says:


WA KA KA KA Ka says:


UnitedStatesOfSpange says:

i feel gay for smiling at this video

ya0sef says:

federer isn’t boring , if u want to talk about a boring player its nadal … im a djokovic fan and has been a djokovic fan since 2008 , i love federer and hate nadal

Anthony Tan says:

I’m not really into tennis but this was really funny.. So, besides Tennis, is Djookovic really known for parodying other players?

ivanmrkvc7 says:

Great guys.There should be more fun in tennis (guys like Nole,Roddick,McEnroe).Not like boring FedFag

Sutikshna Anand Dubey says:

Loved to see a Worthy commentator coming out of commentry box and winning a point against current champ. John – once a champ, always a champ… Thanks guys!!!

alexa56789 says:


Hamiltoncheater says:

stupid đoković

sophalabu says:

hahahahahahahahaha novak!!

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