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Michael Chang vs John McEnroe – Champions Series Tennis

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Champions Series Tennis Classic match with Michael Chang defeating John McEnroe


whatzupdudes7 says:


Goldthehedgehog11 says:

Chang was using the AeroPro Drive Cortex, and Mac was using the Dunlop Maxply McEnroe.

cmdrfun1 says:


jdfagen says:

Does anyone know what rackets Mac and Chang were using?

datacipher says:

…even if he does make a late correction, then their is no doubt at all (due to the delay) that they must replay the point, and Mac must get 2 serves.

Even amateur umpires should know these basics.

datacipher says:

,,,,their call…but not THAT long) . If the other player Michael has already complained, then it’s REALLY too late, as it makes Michael and the linesman look bad as if he influenced the call….

datacipher says:

…..point, there is absolutely no question that it is too late to correct the call (the umpire must correct IMMEDIATELY if he clearly sees an error, the linesman have a bit more time to correct….

datacipher says:

It actually looked out to me, and the commentators seemed to think so as well, but it doesn’t matter at all. The linesman gestured “in”, the umpire actually said “first serve”.

Then Mac walks back to serve and they suddenly change their mind and claim it’s a second serve…they can’t do that! That’s embarrassingly shameful umpiring!

Even if it’s out, the linesman can’t change his call SECONDS after…it’st too late..in fact, Michael had already complained, at that…

VengeanceAfter says:

I thought the First Serve was a let at first…

datacipher says:

Yes, Mac got screwed there. Chang didn’t even know it, because by the time he turned around to question the linesperson, the idiot linesman changed his call to “out”, after not saying anything but gesturing “good” (in other words, he called it good!). Chang just gave him 2 to be nice.

datacipher says:

Mcenroe had EVERY right to be furious. It was out, BUT:

The idiot linesman actually says nothing and CALLS It GOOD with his hand gestures…then AFTER the umpire says “first serve”…he suddenly gestures “out”.

The umpire admits he then overrules HIMSELF after he called “first serve”…based on the linesman, but that he himself didn’t see it???

WOW….talk about screw-ups. The ump ONLY overrrules if HE saw it clearly out. The linesman called it “good” originally….2 clowns out there.

aonutube says:

That my friend, the Chang spirit.

nazx16 says:

ahahaha cool.

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