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McEnroe Borg Fire and Ice. Legends and Legacies. TENNIS

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McEnroe Borg Fire and Ice. Legends and Legacies. TENNIS HDTVRip 720p, ENG.

Many Many Thanks to HBO SPORTS

For your attention here is the movie of the most popular Tennis Legend McEnroe. ARCHIVE.


VitalityMassage says:

What great guys. Loved watching them back then. Loved watching them in
this biography. Seeing the transition they had to make, to go beyond
tennis and how hard it was, shows me the way in my own situation. Thanks.

Paul y says:

Wow that was interesting when Borg called Mac to the net and said “This is
a game, relax, Take it it Easy.” What a great gesture. That’s class.

iMarketing "neue Gäste gewinnen - Gäste binden - Empfehlungen generieren - Gewinn optimieren!"" says:

the best from the best – you have to see it!

Joseph Blanche says:

simply loved it……the best of tennis and people..thanks

MrJamesLongstreet says:

Ice-cooooool. Icebooooooorg! Literally retired at the age of 25 (after the
US Open final-loss against McEnroe). By then he had 11 Grand Slams. He only
played the Australian Open once (!), which had NO status what so ever at
the time. The Greatest Tennis Player Of All Time – The GOAT! Had he
continued after the age of 25, and had he played Australian Open regularly,
he would’ve amassed more than 20 Grand Slams. GOAT-ranking: 1-Borg,
2-Federer, 3-Sampras, 4-Nadal, 5-Agassi. Outside GOAT-top-5/no particular
order: Lendl, Wilander, Emerson,Edberg, Laver, Connors, McEnroe,
Djokovic/most likely to move to nr5 on GOAT-list. At least.

EdD5 says:

The older Borg looks like Bill Brochtrup from NYPD Blue. The older McEnroe
looks like Norman Mailer.

Jonathan Juhn says:

is anyone else noticing really distracting visual effects? Like shimmering
background during the interviews, but the subject will remain static..? Am
I becoming based?? 

John M says:

One of the best documentaries I’ve ever, seen, it brought tears to my eyes,
thank you for uploading. It is a must watch for all tennis fans who truly
appreciate friendship, rivalry and most important respect. Something that
perhaps Sampras and Agassi or Nadal and Federer had. Brilliant.

dahDougieBoy says:

Björn Borg, still cool as ice.

Darryl Henick says:

Bjorn Borg is my idol- in high school I wore my hair long like him, dressed
like him, and used a two handed backhand because of the way he played.
Have never seen him play live, but saw John McEnroe play live last year.
John was an amazing player as well. Awesome documentary- love it

winstonthecat says:

I did not know how deep and long their friendship was. What a fascinating
documentary. And how good to see both men content after their distinguished

Carlos Hernanz says:

Many, many, many thanks. Really fantastic documentary job¡¡¡ A great hug
who put it up here. Really thanks a lot.

hatcher2262 says:

I love the soundtrack, it add the right touch to the documentary.

daniel esian says:

Stefan Grey, just wanted to add to my earlier comment. McEnroe Borg, Bird
Two different sports. Four superior players. Champions. Heroes. And without
McEnroe Borg, Bird Johnson elevated sport to ‘pure sport’.

Ferran Galí Kelonen says:

I ended in tears but with a big smile in my face after the film.I played
tennis since I was a kid and followed both players although I was, and in a
way still am, a Björn Borg fan. At the end, this is what life’s about, even
in the biggest rivalry there’s a warm human side. Long life for both for
the good moments in life.

dmambell says:

Are subtitles available?

trixon45 says:

Björn Borg the greatest Tennis player ever! McEnroe second best ever! in my

Charlie Ruland says:

I think Bjorn retired from the game at age 25 because he was burned out.
Think about it, for how many years was he living like a rock star? Imagine
being Mick Jagger and having to tour for 10 straight years with NO
break..City to city, fans on you all the time, pressure to win etc..Not
even the Stones had the pressure to win..but Borg had the weight of the
world on his shoulders and he was totally alone.

Nicklas4500 says:

For me, that was the greatest match ever on a tennis court

Kuorosh1 says:

This was the rivalry that made me want to really play this sport! 

daniel esian says:

Stefan Grey, you to, sir, are a champion for adding this video to youtube.
I first saw McEnroe Borg Fire and Ice back to back with Magic and Bird A
Courtship of Rivals on cable tv in 2012. Incredibly exhilarating!

moskii 1958 says:

Great Piece, thanx for sharing..

Bernhard Jonsson says:

This was a great documentary! Probably the best Ive seen!

angelisone says:

One was made in America.
One was made in Sweden.
One was a total jackass.
One was a gentleman.
The jackass came from a rich family, but Jimmy Connors stood up …”Shut

If the jackass was not from America, his stores would not be covered up.

Jimmy Connors & Christ Evert & Jack Kramer are good examples to see on

Voyager Gonzalez says:

Thank you VERY MUCH! for this video ” McEnroe Borg Fire and Ice”
I have to say after watched the video ” I understand them better now than
How different is when you can hear them talking about their fellings inside
and outside of tennis world.
The new generations of players should see this video.

26FHM says:

Brilliant documentary!!!

Oliver North says:

Bjorn Borg was IT….I wanted to be as good as him. He inspired me to
practice hard all summer to be on the high school tennis team. I was going
to be a star. Then, I sucked.
The End

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