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Got tennis strategy? 2 things you MUST consider!

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There are two CRITICALLY IMPORTANT criteria you need to consider when constructioning a tennis strategy. They are:

1) Quality of shotmaking. This doesn’t mean shots you like to hit. It’s all about the matchup.

2) Court positioning. In other words, what is your positioning on the tennis court relative to your opponent’s?

You can exploit one — or both — of these criteria when building a winning tennis strategy.

One of the things I do in this video is look back at the previous two videos I filmed — Power is Overrated and Variety is Overrated — and talk about how these two critera apply to the strategies and tactics talked about in that video.

So make sure you check out those videos now if you haven’t already.

Also, please let me know what you think of this video in the comments below!


Tom Hodges says:

you made some excellent points that I and a lot of people could learn from
but its very basic and didn’t require a video as long as that.

Marc Isikoff says:

There’s no one strategy to use unless you’re so good you’re ranked high.
You should adjust to your opponents. In social tennis you hit with them
as warmup and I use that time to feel them out. I see if fh or bh is
better and which is better if they are on the run. Then I see about
hitting at their feet vs in front of them and finally how they handle top
spin that’s deep vs short.

There are times it’s better to be a serve and volleyer and times when
baseline topspin will when. Other times, being a junk player is best.

arzoo82 says:

excellent information, thank you!

Doug Han says:

You need hair cut, look like ten year older in your present style.

DillonSinghBasi says:

serve roddick forehand federer backhand djokovic footwork federer speed
monfils mental nadal talent federer

Krutchtacular says:

I think it’d be really sweet to have a handful of some simple predetermined
FYB strategies that we could learn and implement based on how we scout our
opponents during the warmup with SWOT analysis.

lalo05m says:

@miguelsaez340 all pros have very strong and fast groundstrokes/serves that
render rec player’s groundstrokes/serves ridiculous. and probably you wont
notice much effort from them, specially federer and such. thats what they
get by playing all they lives

coffeeblack7 says:

@deimantukas333 calm down murray

Alpha Dawg says:

Here is my strategy: Serve like Isner Forhand like Federer Backhand like
Djokovic Acceleration like Nadal Foot work like Federer Returns like
Djokovic Talent of Federer Fitness of Murray

Joker says:

ur vids like rock man……… seriously they r quite helpful.;)

Rey Saplala says:

@davd1986 .. point well taken ..

M. Souza says:

YFB Dude, have you ever heard “less is more”? (of course not, this is a
rhetoric question) It would be so much better if you’d deliver a clear msg
in 3 minutes or 2 instead of this washed away 10-15 min talk with no
objectivity. You lost me (and most of the viewers) after 1 min. I know you
love so much to hear your voice but it GETS SO BORING!!!

Khurram Humayun says:

Or you could just summarise & say play like Pistol Pete Sampras. Replace
cockiness by mental strength

werbeniuk12 says:

very nice vid…I will consider this in my next wheelcahir tennis

F1shguy says:

@enfinlibre68 i think federer has a ton of variety if you ask me. he mixes
kick serves, slice, and flat. His forehand can be hit either flat or
topspin, he has a topspin backhand and slice bh, and also hits way more
drop shots than anybody else on tour. if federer doesn’t have variety then
who does?

Miguel Sáez says:

@davd1986 all that you said… roger federer

lystellion says:

Will, I was going to comment on this video but I couldn’t stop thinking how
cool your hair looks when you grow it out a bit. Might have something to do
with me reviewing some of those very old forehand videos of yours from
yesteryear when your hair was shorter than a Karlovic service game.

Rey Saplala says:

@beahoggie You TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

3DGNumberOneFan says:

My Ideal Player: Serve Speed: Roddick Serve Accuracy and Placement: Federer
Serve Spin: Nadal Forehand Clay: Nadal Forehand Grass: Federer Forehand
Hard: Federer Backhand: Nalbandian, Djokovic Movement: Borg/Murray
Determination: Nadal Humility: Nadal Personality: Djokovic Looks: Hewitt
Fitness: Monfils Body Health (Injury, illness, etc.): Federer Noise:
Nadal…lol Country: USA Languages: All… xD Trophy Habits: Bite/Kiss
Autograph Habits: Lots Press: Funny

lardmonk says:

I find serving to the backhand particularly effective since I am a serve
and volleyer, many backhand returns end up giving a nice approach situation
or even a straight up volley

proffesor98 says:

agreed, the amount of times in the 2000’s federer hit an ace when he needed
a point, but is that mental strength and talent rather than serve mechanics?

dkrakovski says:

@davd1986 volley like Federer and Nalbandian

Lukas Ugrehelis says:

My strategy is defend and do not hit strong shots, but when i see, that my
opponent made an error, i strike a strong ball.

Lukas Ugrehelis says:

@TitaniumProAce nah, when i defend, i make weak shots, but i do not make

enfinlibre68 says:

Well as an amateur fan of tennis in the 80s(I used to play up to 5times a
week without coaching and wrong raquettes from 17to 20 I might be
naive.However trying to make a come back for fun as a senior with coach
after years of disinterest sthg strikes me.However talented Nadal,Djoko
Monfils Tsonga and Federer are.It is precisely the lack of variety in their
games that make me lose interest in watching a whole game.Schiavone whose
rigid style may seem awkward is a relief really for her variety.

Miguel Sáez says:

@lalo05m yes but my question is, they shoot so fast or depends on the
camera angle¿ or the ball goes that fast

dakoda dixon says:

when defending the 1 2 punch, i suceed by returning with a hard slice near
the base line to my opponents backhand. and i have all the serves plus a
coupple trick serves, and my serving plan is not to have a pattern so they
cant counter with a plan. it keeps them off balance and guessing.

gailearriba says:

hey…great video this could help me in my CVRAA tournaments in cebu,
philippines at naga ,city and im from siena school of naga so glad you
maked this video…thanks

magnetism says:

@KorkmazV well, you’re from Sweden, you must know that when it came to
volleys, Edberg was one of the very best.. Sampras too.. :-)

mcballin03 says:

Serve Roddick Forehand Nadal Backhand Murray Movement Murray Cockiness
Roddick Volley Sampras Speed Nadal Fitness Ferrer

ssj9997 says:

yeah federer has a better forehand and his single handed backhand is
vulnerable especially against nadals top spin so you would want djoks
backhand….he should of included federer’s smash, drop shot and tennis

Lauchlin Ewald says:

and I would take nalbandian of safin’s backhand

dodododa says:

Will. It’s insane to serve everything to their forehand. Even regular
players will just sit on it and hit aggressive shots. Maximum 2 wide serves
to forehand per game.

Karl Jay says:

I joined a tennis class and on the last day, they held an interclass
tournament. every time I play, I become nervous and my footwork, strokes,
and serves suddenly disappear. I really want to win a tournament or just an
exhibition game. Any tips you can give? pls.

Harry Jenkins says:

1st Serve Speed-Roddick Spin-Federer Placement-Federer Disguise-Federer 2nd
Serve Speed-Sampras Spin-Federer Placement-Sampras Forehand
Crosscourt-Federer Down the line-Nadal Inside Out-Federer Inside In-Nadal
Backhand Crosscourt-Murray Downline-Djokovic Slice-Federer Passing Shot
F.Crosscourt-Murray F.Downline-Nadal B.Crosscourt-Nadal B.Downline-Nadal
Volley-Edberg/Becker/Rafter/McEnroe Smash-Nadal Flexibility-Djokovic
Speed-Phau Stamina-Ferrer Position-Davydenko Variety-Federer Mental-Nadal

Lance Buban says:

this guy doesnt even look like he plays tennis kinda hard to listen to him
cause of it. hahah . he should show a video him playing tennis!

lagroos says:

I think Nadal has the best movement

beahoggie says:

@blaknyte1 FAGGOT

Malcolm Kok says:

My back hand is better than my forehand.

Roger Lee says:

i’ll take federer’s forehand any day of the week and twice on sunday

katon says:

@davd1986 as if you wouldn’t want the federer forehand and the djokovic
backhand… I’d say Federer’s serve is better than Roddicks to

Sebastian Moll McCarthy says:

Funny funny, but I really HAVE to agree 1000% about Talent.. My 3 favourite
players ever! Although next up Talent-wise, the very top are: Kei
Nishikori, Rikardas Berankis, Grigor Dimitrov.

enfinlibre68 says:

Again I can see that the players are physically and technically much better
except volleying.Furthermore with new rackets men tennis especially
although faster show some really amazing baseline rallyes totally
impossible to imagine before…Yet it seems like a new Sampras(really not
my favourite style but to name an exceptionally fit player),a Mc
Enroe,Edberg or a Becker are impossible to envisage in the top10.Then I
must say that the BEAUTY of losing in a varied style is grossly underrated.

thisnamealsotaken says:

not bad but u were off on some points; serve karlovic (roddick doesnt even
hit half as much as aces and is very predictable) forehand federer (its
even better than nadals) backhand nalbandian (hands down unarguably the
best backhand) movement djokovic (used to be nadal, but djoker has become
even better in it) cockiness none (always best to not have it otherwise u
can underestimate things) talent none (its in the other points already so
no need to put it here) fitness djoker or nadal

davd1986 says:

@DestroyerAlexandros Sounds like the worst of Andy Roddick to me.

deadlyduck001 says:

@enfinlibre68 oh they have variety, it’s just in the semi finals when these
players face eachother, things are gonna go through a certain pattern.
Watch first round of Roger, there’s gonna be all plentry of variery to go

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Alec Payne says:

Yo love Gregor dimitrov he plays with a passion for the game that I think
is unmatched by any other ATP player of his caliber and above.

Aman deep says:

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