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College Tennis Recruiting Video – Alex Sourry

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Hi my name is Alex Sourry I am a junior looking to play college tennis
My national ranking in England during the past winter season was 120 for U16
for further inquiries about my ranking or information about me. Send me an email to alexsourry@gmail.com
Thanks for watching!


Eben Burger says:

Very good brother….. I can see u’ve been working very hard….. Keep it
up…. U’ve got great potential…. Don’t give up ok! 

MyMister123456 says:

You’re good, i’ll always dream to play tennis on this way, congratulations.

Gibbles junior says:

great technique, footwork ,and vigor . what college did you get into ?

Aya Tamer says:

This video made me good at playong tennis and finally my couch and dad
finally were very proud of how I played :) thanks Alex For the video!

TheNhuansta says:

If this guy had faster feet he could already be a pro XD

Jojo Lumapas says:

Footwork sucks.

TheBaroqueComposer says:

hey alex! gread vid. just wondering what grip you use

Mikhail Kacitadze says:


Shamar Marcus says:

Hey did you get through with a college ?

Nagesh Bharadwaj says:

obviously all of us are armchair critiques.good courage to put yourselves
out there.
on the ground strokes you should use the left arm to load that will give
proper shoulder rotation and you start using the torso better for more
power and revs on the ball.

Ethan Parker says:

Gnarly serve man, similar to mine in power and accuracy. Your groundstrokes
are significantly better than mine though, nice job

Okan Sam says:

The shots have good depth and pace, thus very effective, good luck in your

wind1357 says:

looks like they are already sorry they got youo

teddjay says:

novak old racket 18×20 speed youtek

roninsana says:

Man you are well coached and very talented

Ved Joshi says:

this is sick … btw wut string and tension do u use

EnemyJapanese says:

wow very very nice 😉

Alex Sourry says:

I string with rpm blast 17 gauge at 52 lbs

Loes Voorpostel says:

Good, I am intersting. Wil you make more video’s

Jonathan Yang says:

best of luck on recruiting

Younis Khan says:

Good future u weirdo

Paul Bedford says:

could be his coach

teddjay says:

you dumb stfu

Amir B says:

what grip do you use? and did you customize your racket ??

Adrian McAfee says:

You are really good! Definitely D1 quality.

Lucas Guariente says:

Nice play! Did you entered in any college? Good luck.

teddjay says:

lose tension quickly?

ytsas31608 says:

wow u should be a higher ranks :) beautiful strokes!

MalxRacso says:

His serve kinda reminds me of Novak’s a few years back.

Alex Sourry says:

i actually switched racquets since recording this video… i now play with
a Zus striker, if you want more information on it i would highly recommend
it so feel free to send me an email which is in the description. This
company makes custom tennis racquets as well

PariahEdits says:

good strokes. but your partner seems to have less skill than you, as he
hits you a shot you can approach on for most of his returns. You should
film with a hitting partner who is as good or nearly as good as you if
you’re filming point play

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AmazonEnforcer says:

A rly POWERFUL 1, obv!! DUH, r u BLIND or StupiD????

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