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beginner tennis lessons: how to serve

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http://www.tennisparadise.info Today Georgia Pro of the Year Peter Freeman shows his beginner tennis class how to serve. The tennis 123 class is held at Golds Gym in Douglasville Ga


Ante Glavurdic says:

teaching them to serve without even teaching them how to hold a racket
isn’t a good way of teaching someone a game of tennis…I mean, none of
them can even hold the racket properly, I don’t want to begin to think what
their groundstrokes look like.. what is the name of the grip at 2:24 ? :D

bayugokid says:

very informative video specially for beginners like me

Nathaniel C says:

A tripod would be nice. I got nauseous watching the video

Jonny Blanka says:

Great video will check it out later.. Im trying to get some lessons locally
but its turning out to be a pain in the ass especially with working hours
and prices!! :(

Edwrd Ricrrd says:

thanks, great lessons.

Lefteris Kritchotakis says:

I feel like I have already progressed and I haven’t laid hands upon my
racket yet. You are a good trainer! Thank you for your considerable effort!

Peter Freeman says:

Thanks lefteris I appreciate it

Peter Freeman says:

glad you like it

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