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7 Serve Pronation Drills For A Better Tennis Serve

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The tennis serve pronation is that key technique of the serve that separates advanced and effective serves from beginner serves.

It is one of the more challenging tennis techniques to learn because you often have to fight old muscle memory from serving with the forehand grip and doing the “waiter’s serve”.

These pronation drills need to be performed slowly at first so that you can be more aware of the racquet path in that critical part of the serve.

Starting with a slice serve and then pronating has been in my experience the most effective way to learn proper tennis serve technique.


Ivan Chan says:

You are the BEST!!! i have been playing tennis for 40 years….even played
in college and this video has changed my serve…so much less effort and a
lot more power. The drills are easy and effective. THANK YOU!!

FOB Mongrel says:

Hey coach, as in the video above, what happens to the serve? Does it end up
naturally flat? With spin? I am seeking to revamp my bad serve after many
years of tennis, and so of course, I am looking for a steady second

xngr says:

You’re probably one of the best teachers for anything on youtube. Thanks a
lot for the videos!

dev karastha says:

watching this again. u seriously are a genius!

Kapil Sabharwal says:

You are so precise in your instruction that it almost feels like I am doing
it along with you. Today I tried the index finger during pronation and the
results were amazing!

caloyjp says:

Best tennis teacher on youtube!

Timothy McGlynn says:

Excellent video. Thank you

john trevithick says:

Wow! your breakdown of the serve is the one I’ll be practicing.
Thanks John

Hung Phan says:

thank you for the good video!

Roly Tan says:

my problem is sometimes I end up hitting my racquet on the ground on my
follow through, what am I missing?

suky108 says:

thanks for the great lessons coach!

Tamas Kosa says:

The position of the ball at contact will determine how much your racket
string bed is pointing to the side. When you look at slow motion vids of
e.g. Federer, Roddick, you can see they throw the ball above their head and
you can also see they have big pronations, i.e. the stringbed is facing the
side of the court and the edge of the racket is perpendicular (or nearly)
to the floor. Whereas if you look at videos of Andy, Goran, Kyrgios, they
throw the ball closer to their shoulders and less above their head and as a
result, you will not see the same amount of pronation, i.e. their stringbed
will face the floor more or less and will rarely point to the side of the
court. However, they are still excellent servers.

The most important bit with the serve is the rhythm and having a loose arm
which can be practiced with ServeMaster. In case you get the timing right
and have a loose arm and given you prepare for a kick serve and throw the
ball above your head, you let your arm go forward, like you want to throw
your racket to the other side, than your arm will pronate naturally and you
will end up with photos like that of Fed’s.

ronald mamo says:

This is a very well done explanation of serve pronation in detail. Thanks
for showing

Jobin Salmonie says:

You are so exact and detail in your teachings, thank you for that….

Simon Rogers says:

Great lesson, thanks coach!

Joe Neitham says:

Great videos and one of the best coach around. Your instructions are easy
to understand and straight to the points. Love it!

SyNMeL says:

If you’re free someday, could you please do a video on how to return really
fast, high serves? It’s frustrating not being able to keep the ball in play
from the get go.

김융 says:

a wonderful lesson about pronation! thank you so much. Kim Yoong

cabinio1 says:

The best lesson about pronation. thanks!!

Feel Tennis Instruction says:

Pronation takes some time to learn so be patient and keep doing these

cmja9898 says:

How about second serve? Will the racket face open slightly? I tried this on
1st serve, but not sure if it also apply to 2nd server? Thanks.

4dv4rch3r says:

really good point about the orientation of the body, and how one pronates
with the body at a slight angle in order to hit straight

Yuriy Havrylyuk says:

was it only about the slice serve that your body has to be facing the post
and the racquet face – the court? thank you

Lisa Dodson says:

Thanks for the great video! Using the ServeMaster will help with pronation
also. The weighted end will help “pull” your arm through the right motion.

Phakir Doki says:

Very instructive; allayed some of my doubts.

Rogério D'Oliveira says:

Great tips! thanks.
Greetings from Brazil

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