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2010 ATP World Tour Finals Feature – Random Questions

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Marcus Buckland asks the top 8 players a few random questions.


bobosynth says:

1:41 Roger got so much pussy back in the day that he didn’t even bother to
try and remember any names…

Gherbi Hicham says:

JOHN …… lmfao Murray just won the internet .

totterdell says:

Novak rules – three people have said snakes this week already
Novak: Really?? OK spiders LOL

Anamarija Blue says:


Ethan Chan says:

Murray is actually mad funny 

whosaysimatomato21 says:

Ferrer is so honest. 

Hani Syed says:

Hahaha…Federer Nailed it , Tooth brush and Tooooth Paste…lol
so funny … :D

iloveu975 says:

Murray “John” LMFAO LMFAO!

Nachiket Bhagwat says:

This Genie?
No.” Lol.

Shanika Minnick says:

Andy: “Death.”


kxdxlx says:

Interviewer: The name of the first girl you kissed? Rafa: Let me think a
little bit… LOOOOL expectedly Rafa was quite the ladies’ man when he was

Matteo Vitali says:

Interviewer: “Gimme 2 things that you couldn’t live without”
Roger: “Toothbrush”
Interviewer: “And?”
Roger: “Toothpaste!”


suzannah h says:

Signs thats he is just not that in to you “my wife and my laptop, in no
particular order ” 

mrSnakeeye20 says:

three of you have already said that
okay spiders

Rafa Addict says:

Rafa is actually really scared of a lot of things. Darkness is his worst
though, he likes to sleep with a light on.

Jenky687 says:

My wife, and my laptop.
In no particular order hahahaha i love Andy!!

Rafa Nadal says:

Rafa is so cute

VjetroP says:

“Can you remember the name of the first girl you kissed?” they asked Roger.

It was Gavin.

Stefan Farrar says:

REALLY?????? Ok spiders rofl

VjetroP says:

Hm. Djokovic names Vanja as his first-kiss girl.

Vanja is also a guy’s name.

Shanika Minnick says:

Rafa Has Too many ho’s!! He can’t remember all their names! LOL

John Rothberg says:

2:01 – two best replies of this video. Answers to What is the name of the
first girl you kissed?
Andy & Andy :D

Yousef Khamis says:

im not giving u that haha john. murray just said that to shut him up

mel np says:

colin firth looks like federer, no?

Shola Amusa says:

Best Top 8 ever.

Ethan Wen says:

“Three of you have already said that this week.”
Novak: “really? Okay spiders”

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