Don’t be static after you’ve hit the ball, hit your return move to the T and prepare for the next shot, never take your eye off the ball! – Galen LeCheminant, Squash Director at the Concourse Athletic Club and Ahmed Hamza, Squash Director at the Peidmont Driving Club
Watch more Try a New Sport videos: Squash is a fast-paced game, so keep your eyes on the ball and follow these simple steps. Step 1: Serve the ball Hold the racket with a tight grip. Hit the ball onto the front wall above the service line in the squash court. The ball must bounce in the quarter court where your opponent is standing, unless they volley. Step 2: Return the serve Your opponent returns the serve by hitting the ball before it bounces on the floor, called a volley, or after it has bounced once. The ball must [More]
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Grass roots friday night squash game. An epic dual featuring ‘Big time’ Jay and Terry squash..I hope you enjoy and leave your comments. Thanks for watching. Full vid will be uploaded on request. Created on June 17, 2011 using FlipShare.
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Ahmed demonstrates the basics of squash
A round-up of the 2014 Jersey Squash Classic semi-finals, the first saw defending champion and World No.22 take on Scotland’s No.1 Alan Clyne. The second match on court was a clash between Adrian Waller, (world No.26) and Greg Lobban from Scotland.
Middle-aged man takes on top pro and pays the price. Boswell is a very good sport…
The final few points at Drexel as Coach White bows out – don’t miss the rally at 5:35 !!!
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Just a quick video i made to help you begginers out there
Squash – Court movement is one of the most important skills in Squash, learn how to move fluently and with full balance and control, this has the ability to take your game to the next level. Go to for all the videos in the series.
The principle of Squash is simple, but applying it is hard. Squash is a demanding game, both mentally and physically because it’s played on a small court. The size of the court means that the players can reach most shots, which leads to long and intense rallies. In this video, quickly discovers why squash has been voted as the best sport to get fit.
Learn all of squash fundamentals, free e-book: Related article: In this video I explain the step by step process to learn how to move on court. The basics are that we move in a semi-circle so that we can make a drive when we reach the ball. Court movement is a skill that must be nurtured constantly, this is because you can reach a higher level of efficiency by practicing this simple fundamentals. The movement pattern explained here are the following: On the left side of the court make the first step with the right foot then left [More]
Today we show you our first in a series of occasional videos called Kitchen Basics! Our first Kitchen Basics video is Spaghetti Squash! INGREDIENTS: Spaghetti Squash DIRECTIONS: 1.) Preheat oven to 375F. 2.) Slice squash in half with a sharp knife from tip to tail. 3.) Scrape the seeds out using a spoon. 4.) Place in baking dish with a 1/2” water face side down. 5.) Bake for 40-50 minutes at 375F or until you can pierce the skin easily with a fork. 6.) Remove from oven and allow to cool enough to handle. 7.) With a fork scrape fiber [More]
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