How to create a website? I’ll show you some tools and the importance of programming HTML.

Dear Fellow Marketer,
if you want to make anything on the Internet, you really must have your own website. You can try it without having one, but I am convinced it would work only for a very short period of time.
If you had ever thought of creating a website, you would have faced dozens of questions and different unsolvable technical issues. You’ll be able to build at least one after you read my short summary. Develop your own little safe corner of internet real estate by learning how to get into the big world of internet information and products.

What tools do you need to create a website?

Classic notebook - "Make notes to yourself" - Programming HTML Tutorial For Beginners - Create a Website

Classic notebook – “Make notes to yourself”
Programming HTML Tutorial For Beginners – Create a Website

First of all, you should have ideas for your new website. I mean what the main reason is you want to create it. Do you want to sell your or others’ products, express your opinion for the world, or is it simply a passion?
Make notes to yourself, identify your market and niche, figure out your level of commitment, and how much time and money are you willing to put into your website. If you have the time, you can build your website on your own and run it for free, just remember that lots of information can be overwhelming at first, but just take it one step at a time.
You need hard work, endurance, patience and time what you can afford to spend on making your business on the net. If you constantly do your best, even if you are disappointed sometimes, the result is guaranteed. The more money you want to make from your website(s), the more time and money you’ll have to invest.

You have to accept that your success is depending on your knowledge, experience, effort, time and a little fortune. Believe me, this is the only right way. I know this from my previous experiences.

Let’s start to build HTML and your website!

Register a domain name: build a website, apply your ideas. Very vital thing is the ability of some HTML coding in order to change your content time-time by yourself, inserting keywords to target your audience. You need tools to upload your website, knowledge how to advertise, and provide quality content and service that your visitors will remember. It sounds like a lot, but just give it a try. Do not give it up!

Now I would like to emphasize the importance of HTML and why should you be familiar with it. If you don’t know what it means the time has arrived to learn about it. HTML is a program language. As you have already learned your mother language you should follow a similar way to obtain a good knowledge.
Even if you want to create a simple blog you face the problem: how to insert a picture to my blog? How to place an ad, a banner, how to change the colors, the size and the positions of the letters. In most cases you meet simple editors called basic WYSIWYG. With this editor you can do only basic things as using the only default letter( only!), bold, italic characters, but you may not edit colors and change other parameters (Arial, Verdana, New Times Roman, etc.), inserting a HTML box and much more. Using – or installing as an add-on or plug-in – TinyMCE editor is a better way because you can find every functions inside. If you want to use this just click here and you can learn more there and upgrade your editor. Personally I use this editor for my WordPress blogs as a plug-in. (In brackets: in order to do this you have to know how to put codes onto your site, so returning to the main topic you need some HTML to do this, or you have to delegate one of your friends to carry this out.)

How to learn HTML?

You can’t avoid using other sources. Somebody has taken the grounds of basic HTML. I don’t want to persuade you to take part on expensive courses but you might want to understand the fact, that there is a must-have level of the knowledge. If you know the basics you can build on it and learn more and more. Without it? You will definitely be lost.
Concise summary about the things you’d need to learn programming HTML: books and software to see your program at work, that is in the reality. If you are clever enough, you can reach a very high level as a self-educated student. Observe the way how the others write programs, feel free to try out your programs, check your errors and develop yourself. This is the only way if you want to become an expert programmer.
Even if you use WordPress software, you’d need to write simple HTML scripts for your widgets if you want to place only a simple banner or advertisement within it.

What is the next step?

This basic step is your decision. If you are able to write a correct, error-free HTML script, the time of the next step has come: develop yourself and learn more e.g. PHP, Javascript. Never be disappointed: nobody is able to “steal” your gained knowledge anymore. You will be strong enough to cope with the troubles and this fact itself should give you more self-confidence.
I would like to encourage you to go along this way. To be honest, I have been learning programming HTML, PHP and Javascript for years, too. And I have to learn day-by-day the new and newest technology as HTML5, CSS3 also. However I am not one of the top professional programmers – only an electric engineer, not a programmer expert – I can do almost everything I have to. Rarely comes up such kind of bug or technical issue that I will not be able to solve alone and at once. If it happened or I had a question I call a professional and ask him/her. It is not a shame to learn from the people called specialists who are dealing with this topic in full time through a whole life.


Programming HTML is really a must-have category. I am not intended to force or urge you, but listen to me: the earlier you begin the more profit you will gain from your new knowledge. You need to invest only a little asset to reach this aim but it worths! You will obtain an applicable and useful knowledge.

I have created a little compilation from the necessary learning materials regarding to Programming Web Languages and complementary software in order to help you in choosing from the wide offer. I’ll give you three useful links below if you were interested:

1. I have created this video site for you collecting some of the current video training materials from all around the world to offer you a chance to obtain a deeper insight into the essence of Programming Web Languages – HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Perl, aso. – (all videos are free):
Page address: Programming Web Languages:

2. If you are still interested in a higher level of programming HTML5, PHP, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, visit my little store. You can find here books, a collection of task-oriented software (Dreamweaver, Frontpage, etc.), and some free videos also.
Page address: Programming HTML Tutorial – Book And Software:

Thank You for reading!

Gyula Olah - electrical engineer, author, publisher

Gyula Olah
electrical engineer, author, publisher


HTML language : A group of HTML elements for displaying web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser as FireFox, Google Chrome, Bing, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, etc.
PHP protocoll : a special language designed for Web development to build dynamic web pages. HTML and PHP are in close relationship. If you want to know more, just follow this link directly to Wikipedia.
CSS : Cascading Style Sheets is designed primarily to enable the separation of document content (written in HTML or a similar markup language) from document presentation. It means that you can write separate HTML table for your document tags and your styling as using different colors in different paragraphs, tables, etc. Google loves if you include a separated CSS to your site content.
Java Script : JS is an another special protoype-based scripting language. You can integrate it onto your website or PDF document. You can even make games with Java. It is very interesting but you have to learn a lot.

Registering a domain name :
The so-called domain name is the exact address of your site. Features: it has an own, exclusive IP (Internet Protocol) address containing numbers (4 tags for IPv4 as; 6 tags for IPv6 as 2001:hello:11234:123:1:1).We are going to deal with the 4 tags version only.
Domain Registrar : the company you make the domain name registration process with.
Domain Host : the company who provides the necessary space for your files and maintain them. The Domain Host and the Domain Registrar work together frequently, unless they belong to the same company.

My recommendation: I have already tried out some hosts. If you examine the quality-service-price ratio I vote on HostGator. They provide a very high quality service. When any kind of problem has occurred in connection with my hosting (technical issues!) I got answer within the shortest possible time. The answers were relevant ones, so I could easily fix the problems. They always helped me. Their cPanel offers many opportunities. On the other hand, many people ask me how on Earth do my sites load so fast. The secret is that I am using a dedicated IP for my cPanel (it means you can find only my domains there), provided by HostGator of course. However it costs a bit more it worth if you see your costumers satisfaction that they are not forced to wait needless seconds for the page(s) to load. To sum the facts: I am very satisfied with them.
I don’t want to waste your valuable time, so I’ll write about the importance of domain hosting next time. If you want to learn more about it just now and see me during making a blog on a self-made video, please don’t hesitate to visit my How Can I Make A Blog site or How To Create A WordPress Blog page. There you’ll find the techniques how to select a domain name, open an account by HostGator and gain huge discount using “IMAKEABLOG” ($9.94 instant off) or “IMAKEABLOGSITE” (25% discount) and create a real flesh-and-blood blog. I’ve made this site for you, believe me and check it out.