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Welcome To Marketing Hints And Tools!

Last updated: 03th Jan 2015

I’d like to list some recommended Marketing Hints And Tools for you to ease your work.

Domain Hosting:

If you you haven’t got a reliable domain-host provider or you want to change just click on Hostgator banner on the bottom of the page (or here) and you will get a $9.94 instant off when you use this coupon-code: “XDSELLERS2000“, or 25% off using “IMAKEABLOGSITE“.
They run a Free-to-join affiliate program as well.
My suggestion: A Highly Recommended Domain Host.

Google Webmaster Tools:

The most important thing is to visit Google’s Webmaster Tools pages regularly! If you want to reach high traffic rank it is an absolute necessity to know everything about your site I mean its “health” status, the indexed keywords, how a Googlebot “sees” your site when it visits it, whether you have messages in connection with your site. You can reach your site’s traffic Analytics, AdSense, and an another very useful things if you want to make keyword research: the Google’s keyword tools. With these tools you are able compare the importance of various keywords you add in. You can obtain relevant information using this section that can impact your site’s traffic rank in the forthcoming future. These tools are completely Free!
My suggestion: it is a must-have category.

Alexa Analysis:

Alexa has got a very important role on Internet. Alexa index tells almost everything about your site. Traffic Rank, Related Links, Popularity are well-known expressions on the Internet. If you want to “measure” a site the first thing is what you do is you glance at its Alexa index. However the result is not always the expected which is depending on the fact you visit a claimed, not claimed, certified or not certified ( by Alexa ) site. Claimed site means that you are simply registered by Alexa – it is a Free registration, what you need is to do is only register and place its code in your meta tag -, certified means if you are completely registered to a paid memberhip with its enormous advantages: for example you will get permission and you will have access to very useful accessories like site widgets, site audit, developer tools and more. You can simply register on www.Alexa.com with your Facebook for membership. Don’t forget to download their toolbar on www.Alexa.com/toolbar/ address.Affiliate program is not available as I know at this moment.
My suggestion: Highly recommended. Begin your work with Alexa every morning. I do the same.

Keywordspy: Keyword Analysis

If you want to overtake your competitors you have to take a very consciencious research. You can do it with this company called Keywordspy. You can choose a Free membership status first, in most cases it is enough. Upgrading is not compulsory but if you want to take a deeper analysis or want to deal with this area as a professional it is recommended.
Keywordspy has a special Free plug-in module: with this toolbar you can examine immediately the SEO, PPC status, Traffic Rank, Alexa index of the visited site. You can make keyword research at once, so this all-in-one solution is highly recommended if you want to run a quick analysis. This plug-in is not available for Firefox 11.0 or above now. It is a pity because I like Firefox.
My suggestion: Higly recommended.

Keyword Analysis With Wordtracker:

Keywords are the most relevant things if you really want your business to growth. Wordtracker is a very useful keyword research tool if you are serious about search engine optimization, it is true. With their help you will be able to find keywords no one is currently competing on. They offer keyword tool, link builder, strategizer.
You will get the chance to try these worthy tools if you establish a membership with Wordtracker.com. They offer a 7 days trial version for the beginners. The full membership is a paid membership. If it meets your expectation you should choose this solution.
They run affiliate program, but you have to match to their requirements.
My suggestion: Highly recommended.

SEO Analysis And Other Useful Tools – FREE Visibility Meter, Meta Tag Analyzer and other “delicious” tools:

During my research work I was always looking for a Web service which could have offered me a solution how to improve my site’s current traffic rank for instance in Google, or Bing. It could have been a relevant information whether my site had the necessary and correct codes, meta tags were correct, title and description were in order, the keyword density was appropriate or not, etc. Then I recognized Scrubtheweb.com‘s site. I was really surprised that I could get all the tools I needed to my research. Even more, because the their tutorial about the Internet is perfect. If you visit the site you can check immediately your Url from various aspects for Free! But as in most cases you need membership to discover the hidden corners. The monthly fee is affordable if you are serious about your aims and reachable goals.

On the other hand, I wanted to collect more useful tools for you and integrate them into one “package”, so I created some other pages accompanied to my own SEO Service Guide site, where you can find more tools in this topic.

My suggestion: It is highly recommended to use these tools.

FREE Marketing Tools:

In the following section I would like to give you some useful tools. You can download them immediately.

1. Meta Tag Master:

What is it good for? Meta Tag Master is a program that will create the appropriate meta tags that need to be included in web pages in order for search engines to calalogize them. Meta Tags play very important role in the recognition process of your website. These parts contain such an important information as:
Language setting; attributes i.e. follow, nofollow, index, noindex, keywords, description, customer tracking codes (i.e. Google tracking code for Analytics or identification). You can see the importance of Meta Tags. The program is FREE!
You can download it clicking on this line or Mouse Right Click: “save as” ( .zip file, size: 1.4 MByte). The licence file is within the program. Unzip it (if you have difficulties visit my Resources section below!), then run setup.exe and follow the instructions.
My suggestion: it very useful if you edit a HTML text and want to build a site yourself.

2. Keywordpad:

Suppose you have got a coulle of keywords. A mistake can happen sometimes if you double your keywords and this is not the best. You can add, import, delete, clean, modify, multiply, search and replace your keywords. The program is FREE to use.
You can download it clicking on this line or Mouse Right Click and “save as” ( .exe file, don’t be afraid of it! Size: 2.6 MByte). Run it directly and follow the the instructions.
My suggestion: very useful.

3. EZVID Video Constructor Program:

If you cannot afford yourself to buy Camtasia, but you want to make a video and would like to upload it to YouTube , this is the program what you need. You can record the screen of your monitor so you can produce tutorial videos using it as well. You can insert text slides before and after the main video. Some music is included with the basic installation. It is very easy to use. And I almost forgot the most important thing: it is completely FREE!
You can download it here. It is only a preparing .exe file, you need to download the main package after installing it but it goes automatically. Just follow the instructions. The treatment is the usual: Click or Mouse Right Click and “save as”.
If you prefer to visit EZVID site, you can do it clicking here.
My suggestion: if you want to produce simple videos or don’t want to spend $hundreds to other products this one is very nice for this purpose. You are able to every basic thing with it. I Highly Recommend to own it.

4. Javascript materials:

However, the appearance of WordPress software has eased the way, it can happen that if you want to place for instance a Form onto your site or want to make a slide-show or moving title-bar, perhaps you need a color-picker instantly you can have it very quickly if you visit http://softcomplex.com. You can find everything here but keep the rules, please. If you choose the basic materials you will get everything FREE!
My suggestion: you have to be familiar with writing JavaScript on a basic level if you want to use it. Clever, easy-to-use script, so I Highly recommend to use them.

5. FireFox browser:

Athough I consider Google Chrome to a really excellent browser, it might happen that you need other solution as well. I am very satisfied with FireFox and use it as frequently as Chrome. Within FireFox, you can select from hundreds of plugin i.e. Translator, External or own IP display, Facebook, Twitter, Sharing, echos plugins and more! I highly recommend using FireFox, I have been doing it for ages. It is FREE! FireFox is dowloadable on www.mozilla.org.
I highly suggest using it.

6. FileZilla FTP up- and downloader program:

This is a very excellent program. If you want to establish a connection between your computer and your site using FileZilla is the best choice. Developed by an enthusiastic programmer community, and it is FREE! Unlike other FTP software, it has never been frozen or disconnected during my actions. FileZilla is downloadable from their official site: https://filezilla-project.org/
I highly suggest using it.

7. CMS Commander:

if you run more WordPress, Joomla 1.5, Drupal, phpBB websites, you have got the possibility to control all of them from one place! It is great, believe me! However it is only in Beta Test phase, it works indeed. Imagine what a wonderful feeling to control all sites from one headquarter! Updating in one or more sites? It doesn’t matter anyway! Push the Update button and CMS Commander manages it! The current site limit is depending on your activity, the max. amount is 150(!) sites now. The only thing you have to do is to install the appropriate CMS plugin, but you can download it here just now. Downloading and using it FREE for a certain point.  Then, if you run many sites, can be costly.

What can I suggest instead of CMS Commander as a cost-effective alternative?

8. The tool I’d recommend is ManageWP: you can manage with this tool all your WordPress sites from one powerful dashboard.  Their prices are acceptable and you can set them up for yourself: The more service you want the more you’ll pay.

Other Resources:

Link Building, Link Exchange:

As I have mentioned on The World Of Internet Marketing Strategies And Trading page, you could find some companies who have been dealing with link exchange. I would like to introduce some of them. You can find them below, on the footer of the site. Please feel free to use the services they offer (they won’t bite).

I hope I could help you and contribute to your better understanding and successful work with introducing these simple marketing hints and tools.

Thank you for visiting!

Gyula Olah - electrical engineer, author, publisher

Gyula Olah
electrical engineer, author, publisher

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