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Zeke the Cat Toilet Training

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Full story: www.autodogmatic.com “Cat Poops to theme from 2001: Space Odyssey” As see on VH-1’s Best Week Ever! (had to swap audio b/c Thus Spake Zarathustra got disabled ­čÖü )


christohansen says:

Lower the level of the water´╗┐ in the bowl, and there will be nothing to splash back. Don’t give up zeke. I support you.

Margaret Forde says:

Your all so stupid..don’t you see the funny side of it. Not even some grownups know how´╗┐ to use the toilet.

camvandermark says:


MrJebTime says:

where has my life come´╗┐ to?

S3tekh says:

how´╗┐ sick is this? >.> watching cats crap, god!

GUTubeWatch says:

Nice, very well´╗┐ trained!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cah7516 says:

What is the name of this piece of´╗┐ music? I need to know! It sounds very familiar.

AtomicN1nja says:

did i really just watch a vid of´╗┐ a cat taking a crap

yousawnothing1 says:

That´╗┐ crap looks like a real person

flyer203 says:

Will you teach it to´╗┐ wipe his ass too?

loudwaters9 says:

Can you teach the cat´╗┐ to clean?

snakkeonps3 says:

this niggas got a fucking camera in his bathroom!´╗┐

KiLLeR1RaBBiT says:

Google litterkwitter´╗┐

rajatpangtey says:

wonder if you can teach´╗┐ cat how to flush after toilet

SamuelWitjamulia says:

Zeke is a wierd name …´╗┐

corkystorky says:

what happened to the starwars background music, that´╗┐ way so much better, bring it back!

devin puruganan says:

@supah1337B Ahhajajajajaj!!! ´╗┐ Love it just saw this response 8 months later

LEGOMAKER3001 says:

cool my cat is the same exact kind of cat siemese i think is how´╗┐ you spell it?

todor minchev says:

whats next are we going to train the cat to read newspaper and use toiletpaper?´╗┐

iamcaboose1 says:

its a´╗┐ miracle!!!

wokeupthismorning100 says:

Right on´╗┐ ­čÖé

brinny14 says:

1,824 people gave a´╗┐ thumbs up for a cat shitting.

jualkyn says:

lmao the music…wtf?´╗┐

joecampbell76 says:


Nikhil Verma says:

first of´╗┐ all clean your toliet

nonielsharma says:

I really want to have someone train my cat to do this. It would eliminate the´╗┐ stinkbox.

NubMaster09 says:

This isn’t NEARLY as good as it was with the original music. The timing with the crescendos was flawless and made the entire video. I wish I could´╗┐ have it back. . .

Athecubus says:

what nice background music´╗┐

tpvalley says:

how do u train them to do this?
I would be really impressed if it wiped its own arse.´╗┐

tpvalley says:

me too.´╗┐

DeceasedEclipse says:

ohhhhhh no i popped….. Never mind´╗┐ i was listening to nyan cat at the same time that is why i was so comfortable ;/

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