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Taking Care of Your Cat

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A how-to guide of taking care of your cat or cats. Filmed by Andrea and Katie Hearn for Channel 7, Queen Anne’s County or aka QACTV. Written by Andrea Hearn.


Vishakha Sangtani says:

Provide daily exercise and human companionship. This is especially noted for indoor cats who have a reduced exercise plan anyway. Also make your cat work for it’s food- put it in different areas so that they have to “hunt for it”.

Katie Hearn says:

Hello. We let our cat outside, (the one that likes to go outside), but he wears a collar with a name tag and is up to date on his shots. We also make sure he is in late at night. You can also try to take him out with a collar and leash and see how that goes. That is what we did when we lived in an area with a lot of traffic.

add2010delf says:

Who in here is a cat lover I am

OriginalJoseyWales says:

what about letting my cat go outside on its own – like through the cat flap into the garden and I guess eventuially the neighbours garden. Should I allow this as also there is traffic from the road. But I couldn’t keep the cat in all the time could I ?

Awaleh Beileh says:

Nice vid I have a mix cat as well

dime7pack says:

yea, very good narrating.  Good video, thanks…

Makayla Cochran says:

Just got a cat and that helped a lot thanks

Katie Hearn says:

Thanks! Yes, they are loved dearly. ;)

Charvin Kessler says:

thanks. very thorough and helpful.

Andrew Dotson says:

This makes me not want a cat, to much freaking work lol

lOnewOlf313 says:

very good vid..thanks

Katie Hearn says:

Glad to help 🙂

metrix565 says:

Super Good Video

MagikWorldStudio says:

Thanks, this was so helpful :)

spdkillz3 says:

My cat died after one week when i bought it :'( it was pooping blood.

Blueberry426 says:

my cats dr. says that tuna is best for him

GreenRobotStudios says:

cute cats 😉

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