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Proper Care & Feeding of your Cat Litterbox 12.24.09

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How to properly clean and maintain a cat litter box Be sure to check out the following links for more info and examples of how I clean my boxes: http://www.c…


Diane Brereton says:

I use my childs old diaper genie for the deposits!! works like a charm!

mythicbells says:

Yes, that is a problem with many litters. Experimenting with different litters should help you find what works best for you. A few years back I did that and finally settle on Dr. Elsey’s Precious cat litter.

luvslagos says:

I must need to change my litter brand because I do a total change every 2-3 weeks. I find little pieces break off the clumps, which makes the litter dirty. I

mythicbells says:

Things have changed a lot since I did this video. I have since replaced all of these with the high sided NVR Miss litter boxes. Very nice. And no tops to fuss with.

iplehguitar says:

Have you tried using a Dome shaped litter box? There’s a litter box that’s basically all closed in, with a doggy door in the front, in a shape of a dome. That might solve your high-pee-er problem.

KieshaJ55 says:

lol i have a seperate trash can sitting next to my cat litter box too…thought i was the only 1 but its a smart idea! My cat is persian but her stupid previous owners use to let her outside and now she doesnt cover her poop but she knows how to use the little box. otherwise this method would have been perfect for me

saintjasin says:

That was quick, thank you! 🙂 I am searching for a better litter. I am using Swheat Scoop and it is okay, but I think I can do better. I suspect that I am sacrificing some performance for a gimmick. I think I might try this one, they say it clumps very well.

mythicbells says:

I probably did. Though I’m using commercial boxes now and I have one caddy which I carry from box to box, my method remains the same and I still use the same litter: Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat litter. Either ‘classic’ or ‘multi-cat’ (can’t tell the diff.) I order it through chewy d o t c o m. The boxes I now use and like is the NVRMiss … Google should bring it up.

saintjasin says:

Did you mention what litter you use?

mythicbells says:

Things have changed a lot since I made this vid. I have since found a commercial litter box I like and switched all over to it (NVR Miss) Google it and I’m sure you’ll find it. Also, I now use a caddy that I carry from box to box rather than one at each box. I currently have 7 boxes, but it varies as I change things around. Rule of thumb is 1 box per cat plus 1. EX: 3 cats = 4 boxes.

hannah haq says:

How many litter boxes do u have ?

Lola Johnson says:

Good Lord…how many cats do you have?

katie-Ellen Buckley says:

I love it thnx for the tips

mythicbells says:

You probably mean Dr. Elsey’s Precious cat litter? Yes, that’s what I use and what you see in this video. Can’t wait to hear what “blue box” litter is 😀

1gypsywolf says:

Hi Cindy, what is blue box litter?

1gypsywolf says:

Really like the end of this video but why don’t you have to ever change the litter? What kind of litter to you use? I am spending 20.00 every two weeks for litter and I have 3 indoor cats. That’s strange, the last box of litter looks clean. I am spending too much money on litter, the best one so far that I have found is Dr. Asleys, I think that’s the name but that is the best for me, no smells with this litter.

Cindy Labiano says:

the blue box is the best litter box I have ever seen.

SapphireCat111 says:

It’s a bit mind-boggling how you never have to change the litter……

mythicbells says:

Several reasons I don’t like covers on boxes. 1. you can’t see if it’s been used easily at a glance, 2. it’s much more of a pain to clean: lift off, find place for top, clean, replace top, 3. many cats will not use covered boxes because they either feel trapped or the lid keeps odors inside where it bothers the cat. HOWEVER, it they work for you, there’s no reason not to use them, if that’s what you like.

royalfairy909 says:

@mythicbells why don’t u like litter boxes that have govers(lids)?

mskenny0512 says:

Best video I’ve seen about litterbox maintenance.

slvtrk says:

i think somewhere down the road you lost your mind with litter boxes.i must really enjoy cleaning them and having them in every room.

gloria jasso says:

Me gusta para mi gatito …. gracias

mythicbells says:

Indeed! And I use paper plates too….and probably a plethora of other environmental infractions I’m not even aware of can be laid at my feet. Guilty as charged!

Tiny Lin says:

you really use a bag each time you clean the litter?! you must take amazing care of your kitties, but certainly you don’t mind trashing the planet…

mythicbells says:

Yes! I do have some on hand, though have never felt the need for them for simple box scooping. I’m hoping to update my litter box maintenance with a new video … sigh. It’s on my ‘todo’ list.

jackybaby1999 says:

You should put some cheap disposable gloves in with your supplies.

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