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Litter Kwitter Cat / Kitten toilet training system amazing

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LITTER KWITTER, the original world famous cat toilet training system. You can teach your cat to use the toilet in 3-easy steps and say goodbye to the mess, g…


aritookit says:

Leapforce brought me here

AMajesticHedger says:

Probably from reading all your comments.

pussypher says:

You seem to know a lot about “embarrassing”.

AMajesticHedger says:

Wow, that’s just embarrassing.

SySTeM4T1c says:

LOL, thank you for the quick review.

unosturgis says:

If the cat is going straight into the water, he would not be scooping his urine and feces with it’s paws…therefore making your point invalid.

pussypher says:

Having wasted 50 euros on this … i can safely say that
1. it does NOT work
2. your bathroom will always be fucked up
3. you’ll come to hate your cat
4. the feeling will be mutual

Michelle Baker says:


jessmjfan989 says:

omg i want one of these

papapudding says:

I live in Canada and what is a water bill?

Cícero Garcia says:

Também acredito que compartilhar a latrina com seu gato não é saudável.

fryloc359 says:

Good idea, I have a cat that is fascinated by the water whirling around when I flush.

pussypher says:

What i enjoyed -NOT- the most, was that “in 8 weeks or less” bit on the box. Try “in 8 months or more”, with constant modifications on the trays (it’s not just what you buy, you also need to modify it). There’s people on their forum that have been trying to train their cats for more than 18 months!

NikyRipy says:

The cats must go out

SySTeM4T1c says:

Having prior experience as an animal psychologist…I can safely notify everyone that this is fucked up.

Jack Moore says:

Do you really want what is on a cat’s paws to then be on your butt cheeks? Fatal flaw in this design is bacterial infection to humans where the previous solution works anyway.

tubettaja57 says:

pasi mitä nyt TAAS

jackanoree says:

Here’s my cat Florence using the litter kwitter! 🙂


Steve O says:

It looks like it works for some people but toilets are for humans not animals. We have to draw the line somewhere. We are not the same species. Give them there own toilet then you have something.

xxkml10 says:

anyone notice the cat on the counter with a butcher knive!?

carlosrock34 says:

Sirve para perros de raza pequeña¿?

Kaleb Button says:

my cat always pees on the seat, damnit

Benedict Harris says:

More Ken Burns Effect please!

Benedict Harris says:


oqDorothy438 says:

like it.

keaien says:

I had similar problem with my cat, there are two things, which help. You don’t want to move too fast from orange to green one. With first try I put clean green plastic and then he would pee and poo in unwanted places. After that I moved back to the orange state and didn’t hurry with moving to the green stage. When I finally replaced orange one to green one I put some of the dirty sand from orange box on to the edges of the green one. After awhile my cat got used to it.

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