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How to walk your human

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Shorty and Kodi’s Facebook: www.facebook.com For cats’ eyes only! Keep your human healthy, happy and obedient with this 7-step guide to walking your human, instructed by Kodi the Kitten. Music is Peach Cobber from iMovie 11 twitter.com www.cafepress.com


Pedro Mendes says:

God Danm. cat’s start the world domintation! brace your self, the war is coming! go Dogs!

Ana Anne says:

so funnyy!!!i love it

Visi H. says:

I am still laughing out loud, what a great way to start the day at 4.30 am, by choking on my coffee, gasping for air, wondering why my face is turning red, but still laughing,I did not know you can laugh without breathing…..great job, well done. But you should but a warning sign before the people start watching, like with the cigarettes: Make sure not to have any items or liquid in your mouth before you start laughing….love it

Visi H. says:

I could not have said it any better.. 

Лена З says:

THE BEST cat video I had ever seen !!! Both are very talented – the video producer and the cat actor ! Applause !!! :)))

DarkLady0801 says:

Very cute

Caleb Drew says:

Smart cat! What a lot of fun!

impbadminton says:

any tutorial to make the cat behave like that?

cinzano1985 says:

nice feet! 😀

MsLionking3d says:

Lol, how kodi walks his human is how I walk my dog, with leadership and guidance

Visi H. says:

adorable and very funny..love it

Jillian Anderson says:

oh the cheesiness, i love it!

Kemeigom says:

Great video. I love Kodi!

MickeyandJermaine says:

Lesson learned :)

troy27203 says:

This video was great but I have a foot fetish and I love your feet man! Perfect

eftipef2 says:


blonderocker0 says:

wayy to cute

princessjupita says:

the cat is not being aggressive, the cat is being DOMINANT!

umki55es says:

This is the cutest thing ever XD

chhavan says:

this is a Pawsome video 😀

Sakura Sak says:

Me encanto. Pero mejor no se los dejo ver a mis gatitos jajajaja, después me quieren dominar. jajajajaj.

icarusprime says:

Kodi and Shorty are the best! Cute and awesome. The human is awesome for sharing his kittens with us! Plus he has nice legs! 😉

Sarah Almand says:

Well done. Well trained! both the human and that cat. Did you start walking the cat at a young age? I”m trying to teach mine. He can walk me if he wants to. Whatever works.

ultranatte says:

u guyz are too cute!! :)

zeiky37 says:

110 cats let their human browse the internet

Johnnii360 says:

Awesome!!! xD

ali xena says:

love your work

motoko kagamine says:

epic rotfl (rotfl means”right on the floor laughing”)lol oh and u go kodi make sure ur human behaves well lol

michelle32209 says:

This video is hilarious. .. great job K

WolfLoverFire says:

110 people dont know what is cuteness

clubpenguinhonny123 says:

Kitty takes control!!

Mrssoappeddler says:

Love this!  Smart kitty!

Wendia Rowe says:

haha love the video

Giga byte says:

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