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How to Care for a Newly Adopted Cat

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AutumnRiseOC says:

Wow, the cat willingly went in the cat box! I have to force mine in

MoonLiteWolfPro says:

The lady who took the cat does not seem happy O_O

Briskun says:

I wish I could get a cat. My stupid sister just HAS to be allergic to them. And my stupid dad just HAS to hate them. We can’t get a cat, so we get to lazy ass dogs that barely know what fetch is or what “sit” is.

OriginalJoseyWales says:

she is hot

Craig Hale says:

wow your 140 years old wtf?!

Craig Hale says:

thanks for vid gettin a cat friday and needed tips 😀

Molly Berntsen says:

are you a kill or no kill shelter. just guessing but I’d say your a no kill shelter

KosareenaS says:


mushontube says:

Thanks for a great video

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