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Ep 13 – Cat Care: How To Introduce Cats To Each Other

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Today’s episode is the second of a four part series on new cat adoption. Today we focus on introducing a new cat to an existing cat. Many times, cats end up …


Adsem says:

hmm we just put the new cat on the couch, there was some hissing in the beginning but withing a few days they were friends, and the dog was really never a problem, she was just bigger, but wasn’t hissing´╗┐ or growling, or showed any signs of aggression, just curious and patient while the new one attacked from 4 angles every minute. guess we just had easy pets ­čÖé

CatChatTV says:

Many cat rescues need foster homes for their cats. Maybe you could offer to foster, or foster to adopt, and go really, really slow and be very patient with the introductions. With patience your cat may be fine. But again, go very slow and if you see overly aggressive behavior, make some noise to break it up and get´╗┐ them separated as quickly as possible.

CatChatTV says:

There are some cats who have a really difficult time being around other cats and they can be very aggressive. But if he was in a shelter where the cats roamed freely and he seemed okay, he may be okay with a friend. Can you get more specifics from the shelter? Even if he was aggressive in the shelter, it could be the fact that he was thrown into the situation without having a chance to acclimate. Unfortunately, there is no real way´╗┐ to know for sure without trying.

stvtylilqt says:

I have a 6 year old cat and we often consider getting him a friend. We got him from a shelter that’s actually a huge house with about 100 cats roaming around freely. They told me he has to be the only cat; he doesn’t get along with others. But I saw him getting along fine´╗┐ at that place! Should I listen to them, or can I consider getting another cat? Are there cats who definitely hate all other cats and can’t change? He does get upset when stray cats walk by the front of the house…

CatChatTV says:

The fact that there is no yelping´╗┐ or screaming is a good sign. And I take it there has been no blood? They could be playing-sometimes kittens do play with their ears back and their back arched and they hop around. But sometimes the ears back and arched back can also be a sign of fear. It’s hard to be sure just from the description. Did you introduce them slowly? Do they show any affection towards each other? Do you have any video of this?

Meghan Tribout says:

Hello! I just got an 8 week old Siamese male kitten (Mulder). I already have 1 year old male tabby (Rudy) and the introduction is confusing me! I cannot tell if they are playing or if my tabby wants to hurt the kitten! He will chase him, swat at him, and even tackle and try to bite, but the kitten hasn’t yelped as if he´╗┐ was is pain. Sometimes the kitten even puts his ears way back and arches his back and does these funny little dances in front of the Tabby. I just want the best for my boys!

valeriedove1125 says:

Thank´╗┐ you

CatChatTV says:

Glad to be of help! Keep being patient, it’s worth it! Best´╗┐ of luck to you and your fur babies.

msgbl says:

Thank you! This helped a lot. ­čÖé
Still´╗┐ in the process, but all is well so far.

CatChatTV says:

How long ago did you introduce them and how much tension is there? There is almost always some tension for a while´╗┐ when cats meet. Even hissing is normal and can last a couple of months. It may take longer for them to actually like each other if the introduction was rushed, but if they are not being overtly aggressive (attacking and drawing blood), you’re probably okay just letting them sort things out without starting over.

TheRealTripleSix says:

what if I’m too late? i rushed for them to like each other, and now there is tension should i separate them ? and´╗┐ to those step ..?

CatChatTV says:

The new cat is from a rescue but we’re pretty´╗┐ sure she’s a Maine Coon mix.

mariasimz says:

AW what´╗┐ breed is the ‘new cat’?

gxkj says:

Thanks, this was´╗┐ really helpful. So glad we know how to do it right!

Oneirokritikon says:

hottest cat lady evaar ­čśÇ

kgal1298 says:

Well´╗┐ wish I would have seen this sooner.

mary toma says:


SuperBeans21 says:


mexalkid says:


EsCraftt says:

1:54 whatchu you bringing that in here for?!┬┐!┬┐┬┐ lay that right there, I know you up to something. Whats that smell saaan!!!´╗┐

Eric4money says:

Dope fresh´╗┐ nation

SalazarK33 says:


wowups88 says:

you are heeere SAAAN, BAMBINO IS DOPE FRESH!´╗┐

Damani Roux says:


Herbert J├╝rgen says:

thumbs up if your coming from pvp so you can inform yourself about what´╗┐ Jesse was talking.

Suzan4B says:

Haven”t we all been through this hell?!!! Funny that after all is said and done,one day you come home and walk in a room,and everyone is laying on the´╗┐ bed together!! They all look up at you and say :what was the big deal anyway?”
These are great idea. Especially scent swapping.

kuziamimi says:

I wish I would of had the patience/knowledge to do this with our kitties but regardless they were pretty warm to each other from the beggining. They sleep in the same bed but I can’t help but wonder if this kind of´╗┐ introduction would of made they ever closer today. I guess it will have to be for next kitties.

sylnanu says:


MsLazyplay says:

Great´╗┐ information!

TeamKitties says:

Excellent´╗┐ video! My 11 week old kitten and 4 year old cat are still in the supervised play stage, as my 4 year old thinks that even tiny kittens want to wrestle to play!

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