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Cat & Kitten Care : Home Remedies for Diarrhea in Cats

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Home remedies for diarrhea in cats include feeding them canned pumpkin and active culture yogurt with probiotics to help slow down diarrhea, but a veterinari…


0916mickey says:

will Yakuklt be ok to give as rep for the lactobacilli ?

werewolfbitevictim says:

I had to switch to a higher quality of dry food because my one cat had the crystals since I changed the food, my other cat has had diarrhea. I put more water bowls around the house and I can tell both of them are drinking more water by the amount of water displaced, he had a checkup and he got a clean bill of health. I don’t want to change the food back since it caused the crystals in the other cat, no change in the amount he is eating either. Anything I can do to make the change easier on him?

Moonsfire62 says:

Yes it does. Cats can not naturally digest Cow milk.

Randy Fleury says:

Wow, wife’s an animal tech, squared, yah know caretaker of the year for the state of oregon in the late eighties, in Portland’s research facility. We did not know the probiotic info. Thank you very much for that. The exploding lap-cat is an experience, I and my trousers, shirt, socks and psyche did not need! My nose is also truely thankful…yikes. – DJ

goddessevil Ting says:

My cat is picky…she won’t eat any other foods but chicken and her regular canned food….so this method won’t work on her.

Ember CatLilly says:

if you use a home remedy such as pumpkin or yogurt how much do you give them on a daily basis to keep them regular? 

aquilarealm says:

Very helpful. I also think milk messes them up, even if you only give them as a treat just once or twice a year (mine anyway).

mermaidamp says:

My Inclusion teacher,Cindy Sawchuck owns a cat named Squidward. I worry that he might get diarrhea.

moh1612 says:

sounds abit like richard dreyfuss

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