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Cat Health Care Tips : How to Express a Cat’s Anal Glands

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Expressing a cat’s anal glands reduces the possibility of infection. Express a cat’s anal glands with tips from aveterinarian in this free video on pet care. Expert: Dr. James Talbott Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


Mumblix Grumph says:

They left out the part where the cat claws your face off.

treesappp76 says:

Very helpful! Thank you!

gheorghe cojocaru says:

but i didn’t had this prob . wuth my cat till far

gheorghe cojocaru says:

why does this hapens , cat anal yellowish secretion ,cat does not like it ,?

victoriarue23 says:

my cat has a problem with this, every 6-8 weeks he has to have them expressed. I have tried to do this myself, and other people helping with holding him down but he becomes so vicious, and even if I get my fingers there nothing comes out. What can I do to save money on vet bills? Does he have anal glad disease? This has been going on for about 4 years, what else can I do to help him to prevent possible further complications?

gheorghe cojocaru says:

just now i saw some yellow stuf[liquid] on my cat’s annus ,
what is it ? and warh must i doo
please ,don’t tell me to go to the vet

Rubinmebs says:

Sweet Jeasus!!!!!!!

cghern75 says:

Notice the vet touched his mouth with his finger. Glove or not… Yuck

Aaron Barker says:

people that love their pets and yet, cannot afford to spend $200 on a vet! sounds like someone is an impacted asshole!

presouz says:

EVO dry is GREAT get a pet store save your cat from bad health.. canned food, no fillers no gluten.. either, GOOD LUCK

laughplaysmile says:

I just bought my cat science diet 🙁 what’s a good food to feed my cat then?

1FuckingFaggot1 says:

What the fuck are you an expert in?

Oh god, he’s got gloves on!

Cologne? Is this a date!?

Who the fuck wants to do this themselves? Teach my to tickle my cat’s asshole, please.

Oh god, let it go.

fulltimespy says:

funniest thing I ever read !!!! xD

presouz says:

how is it goign with your cat? I wonder if the vet just told you to keep the glands cleared? I use a warm papertowel and gently express them she is 15 and diabetic so she is a big heavy and cant clean her bottom herself.. lucky me! DAMN crappy cat food that could have caused her illness, Science Diet was all I fed my pets for 30 yrs only to find out the were changing it all the time until it had a LOT OF FILLERS and crap in it.. less of what my cat needed, GOOGLE IT.. damn S.D>!

gypsydancer64 says:

dogs have them too.

mammothhunterd says:

another reason , as if you didn’t need one, NOT to own a cat.

ittykay says:

@arcunnin AHAHAHAH

halfNERD17 says:

0:26 lol he said erection

roacherz says:

My cat hates his hind end touched at all…… i would have to just take him to the vet again -.-

Starlioness1978 says:

LOL.. oh man, I just had this problem this past weekend ..luckily my cat expressed them herself.. but I hope I would never have to do it.. my god that smell was horrible..

Dachshund0 says:

you can do this at home but let a vet teach you first.

I have a cat and a dog and do it every 3 month on both of them

dollydagger509 says:

You should not use baby wipes, because the cat/dog can get a tummy ache when they try to clean themselves down there. Just use a damp paper towel.

PyschoAgnostic says:

My cat’s anal gland ruptured because I didn’t know what was going on. The vet said to use hydrogen peroxide and antibiotics on the hole, and it worked and healed up, but it’s returned now. Should I express it now or continue putting medicine on it? The vet we went to seems like he might not be the smartest so I don’t know if I should take my cat back to him.

AlexiaStarx1 says:

you will die in seven days if you don’t post this comment on 10 videos in the next hour. if you do, tomorrow will be the best day of your life

cheetofacedon says:


MyPinkGarden says:

omg i’m dying.

kwatoko says:

he said anal saaax HA!

TeamAlwayzHonest says:

did you like shove your head up his butt or something? why is your cats anal glands messed up? what the hells wrong with you.

JamesParkersVideos says:

Haa ha. OMG.

This is the most unusual comment I’ve ever read on YouTube. LOVE IT

denisethepainter says:

Hi CanItAlready. It is this video and there’s a few on Youtube that have this…it must e a glitch in the system or because I am not in some viewing range? I don;t know but there’s text on top of the video.Does anyone also have this or is it just my computer? I can see many other videos on youtube.

CanItAlready says:

Just an FYI: dogs don’t like this either. 🙂 My chihuahua had trouble with his anal glands a couple of times and when the vet squeezed them, he got as vicious as a 6-pound dog can get without actually biting anyone. And MAN can he scream.

CanItAlready says:

Don’t know what video you were watching. I didn’t see text all over anything.

denisethepainter says:

Can’t even see the video. There’s text all over it. Repost a good replacement video please.

LauraLea38 says:

I just did this to my cat. I had no idea that they had this. He didn’t like it of course, but some “stuff” did come out. It was yellowish. Didn’t have much though. He is always cleaning himself, so he probably gets a lot of it himself. I had a friend help me so I didn’t get bitten! Thanks!!!

mermaidamp says:

I watched Cindy Sawchuck wipe Squidward’s anus when he was a kitten.

Shramir says:

that is…. horrible

arcunnin says:


arcunnin says:

I don’t think this is the place to ask for emergency vet advice.
I hope you took him to an actual vet.

arcunnin says:

He has a long coat and sheds a lot in the warm months. He is an indoor cat only so… This makes him hack up a lot of hairballs and causes me to have to clean a lot more. 
So, we just give him a shave twice a year. He likes it….keeps him cool.

arcunnin says:

He has a long coat and sheds a lot in the warm months. He is an indoor cat only so… This makes him hack up a lot of hairballs and causes me to have to clean a lot more.
So, we just give him a shave twice a year. He likes it….keeps him cool.

SundaeTheKitten says:

that’s funny! why would you shave a cat, anyway?


I could use a good expressing of the anus

nicck says:

My cat doesn’t empty his…so it builds up and basically just stinks. We expressed a bit today, with a drop going on the floor…only for our other cat to come and eat it.


wolfpaw999 says:

my cats anal gland recently ruptured and so ive been cleaning it many times through out the day. he does not look like hes in pain but when it is time to clean it, he is somewhat in a uncomfortable state. it looks like its been doing a bit better since this morning but im still worried b/c this is his 2nd time that this happened to him. he is 10 yrs old and has mild feline lukimea so idk if that makes him more prone to illness. i just want him to be ok. what should i do? PLEASE REPLY ASAP!

mermaidamp says:

I watched Cindy Sawchuck wipe Squidward’s butt where the anus is located which is disgusting.

pitcockdanielagr says:

wow so cute funny — just a classic like avatar … im going to watch it again just found a cool site that has it

pitcockdanielagr says:

Boy that was extremely funny. It was like a scene in hangover… what was it again… I’ll find it at freemoviebon anza [.] [com] and get back to you.

arcunnin says:

no problem! thanks for responding!

YourKillingMeOx says:

pinching motions, mm 😉

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