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Cat Does Dog Tricks

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Kizzy, our Bengal cat, can do dog tricks. He can do more tricks than are shown on the video, but Linda ran out of treats. We originally made this video for National High Five Day, hence all the high fives.


mtksbctk says:

You obviously are not used to watching porn

Lexie Deane says:

v–haha yes i think it would be–v

wafflerofl10 says:

I find this hard to masturbate to…

AngelTheKitty2 says:

So cute!

BTW: I’m just started out my new channel about my cat doing -somewhat- tricks, it would be awesome if you could visit my channel!(:

Michael Brown says:

The breathing of the camera man is disturbing.

Akesha Smith says:

erm why are you teaching the cat dog tricks..why not just get a dog…its a CAT!

fabygoo says:

Who dislikes this awesomeness?! Come on!

Lars Asplund says:

Good boy –lovely /Lars



fumala420 says:

loooool. funny comment

kyrakaos says:

Cute Cat! I have a poly that I’m trying to train. Seems like she will do tricks but on her own accord…

trnc22 says:

Can your cat smell drugs?

BobMcCob says:

Nice. I’ve never had a cat do anything on command haha.

rosy48842 says:

I have 2 cats, one of which wants nothing to do with the human race, the other I have gotten fairly recently. I’ve trained a wide variety of animals (from birds to horses), and my cat comes when he’s called, sits, high-fives, waves, stands up, and spins around. But no matter how hard I try, I CANNOT get him to shake. He won’t let me old his paw, they’re very sensitive for him. Any tips? I don’t want to make training unpleasant for him.

Dayniac4324 says:

WOW …. I’d never ever get my cat to do that !! Amazing !!

XoXjessxforevaXoX says:

even my dog can’t roll over. this is embarrasing for my dog

Jennifer forss says:


megan bracht says:


hairymansballs says:

Aww! What a smart cat and cute!!!

bernie23232323232323 says:

This could just be the Einstein of cats

wildflower386 says:

My cat comes when I whistle. It’s so cute!

zoobihan says:

I just started teaching my cat high five 🙂

clarisse11able says:


RsTechTools says:

How did you train your cat not to uses it’s claws in the high five trick cuz my hand is bleeding because i tried it.

BeatlesandWebkinz says:

my cat can high five, medium five, low five, and open the gate without treats lol!

spafro101 says:

I thought they starved him so he can really want the treats. But that guy is a little fat

propsnhugs says:

That is so cool! I taught my cat to sit but that’s as much as he’s willing to do lol

HosteAtlasNewWinner says:

This video shows that nothing is impossible! (Almost)

IAmTheMayun says:

I wonder how many of those simple minded people who are constantly like “CATS SUCK DOGS ARE SO MUCH BETTER OOMG CATS ARE DUMB” disliked this video.

MsSTRAHM says:

I first saw Mr. Kizzy when invited to his house to see him perform his many tricks. I’d never seen cats do tricks, but had already seen this video. I was skeptical that it was filmed all at once, rather than as short videos edited together. I saw him do many tricks in succession & no intermissions. I was quite amazed. There’s lots more I could say about Mr. Kizzy – He led a great cat’s life. Wish all animals with owners could lead such a life – There would be no need for the ASPCA.

JojoB Rosendo says:

Does anyone know the name or the treats?

jeremycau10 says:

Just give me the treats and leave me alone

teryn cate says:

try captions and it looks like the are talking about killing people in a building?

chieftainofshapshift says:

Girl lemmi Finnish meh cat treat before you tell me to roll over!

Darly Souza says:

wow!!! I wish my cats could do that! This cat is adorable! ^^

Atina Abdullah says:

Haha, he’s reluctant to roll over

bj99ful says:

Now if only he could be trained to bark…..Just kidding; very good tricks.

maddoxde703 says:

that cat really didnt want to roll over. He’s like god dammit I’m a disgrace to my species damn these treats

jamila paige says:

My cat only sits when I tell her and she does respect. How do you get it to roll over?!

TheWeedkiller92 says:

Same way like a dog 😀

CatTrainerToo says:

That’s cat is very smart!!!!

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