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Cat Clicker Training In Action

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As Karen provides commentary on a cat training video, she reviews many of the basic clicker training ideas. Watch as clicker trainer Catherine Crawmer goes through these basics of clicker training with a rescued cat. Clicker Magic has long been a classic video for learning the concepts of clicker training. Karen Pryor teaches you all the techniques and essentials you need in order to have your pet clicker trained in no time! There are 20 live demonstrations by Karen and other top trainers. See how it works with young and old dogs, cats, a mule, and even a fish! Long considered the standard, Clicker Magic provides a solid introduction and inspiring, fantastic footage. “Clicker training” is the popular term for the training or teaching method based on what we know about how living organisms learn. Research has shown that any creature—whether a dog, cat, dolphin, parrot, fish, horse, llama, or person—is more likely to learn and repeat actions that result in consequences it desires and enjoys. So clicker trainers provide consequences desired by their animal in exchange for actions or behaviors desired by their trainers. We call these consequences “rewards” and the process is called “reinforcement.” Clicker training, therefore, is a positive-reinforcement-based system of training. First widely used by dolphin trainers who needed a way to teach behavior without using physical force, operant conditioning (the scientific term for clicker training) can be and has been successfully


daughterofthestars08 says:

I love how she tries to go “over” the “tunnel” and ends up hitting her head on it. XD

But this is such an awesome video. It gives me hope that maybe one day I can train my very shy cat.

smhermione says:

Try Turkey baby food without any seasonings or additives. She can eat it quickly and most cats seem to love it.

sorsaria says:

this was a great video. that cat was great at the agility course

dogtraining101today says:

Very nice video, I never thought of training cats.. but nice work in doing so 🙂

Oh oH has anyone read down the right hand side of this video?

Even a fish… 🙂

Nitah89 says:

I know your problem, my miniature poodle is exactly the same way. I found out that she becomes a completely different dog around tennis balls, though … so toys can actually mean more to your pet than food does!

dnarii says:

You can see this is not the case if you watch the cat’s behavior. She’s focused on finding that object and tagging it, actively looking for it. An untrained cat will maybe pat something you wave in front of her face, but it takes communication to establish that she gets “paid” for tapping that particular object, that she must seek it out.

rockero1590 says:

the cat will be fat soon hahahaha, clicker system….

saraswati81 says:

have you tried using treats? if you use the same food as the one it’s already receiving “for free” in a bowl, it won’t see any reason to work for it. it needs to be something worth it’s attention. also maybe there’s other things it likes. like being pet or playing with a certain toy.

HarrieStruisvogel says:

good luck!

HarrieStruisvogel says:

Maybe you could try to use toys instead. The reward can be very random but there must be something that your cat likes.

Emanuel Yusupov says:

~Luck~ xD

theborg1981 says:

My cat don’t like food much. She drink more than she eat. How am I supposed to train her when she isn’t very interested about food? Only time I see her eat, is when I eat. But she drink more than she eat.

debstarcrazy says:

I love it!!! I have read three books and ordered my clicker – all I need now is the kitten, she arrives next Monday, wish me luck!

YTBYlover says:

wow amazing I learned lots form that vid

WuyaMan says:

the cat looks like she is haveing fun!

wolfydan121 says:

actually, you click AFTER to mark the behaviour, to say good job, heres your reward. look up zacgeorge21 or some of the horse ct’ers. they ALL do the same, with outstanding results. not to mention that they are pros.

wolfydan121 says:

actually, in every training vid ive seen, u click AFTER to REWARD the behaviour. that tells the animal “u did great!”

Hayareading says:

But everyone, remember that this probably won’t take….2 days. It needs time so have patience.

Spoke50818 says:

This cat is already trained to do those things, at least the targeting part. How i know it? Because that woman does it all wrong and despite that, the cat is doing exactly and immediately what he should.

boxsterwelby says:

I don’t know if I should be happy or offended that men can be trained by a clicker. It sure would be nice to be positively reinforced for picking up my clothes. But, it sucks to think that people can manipulate each other for personal gain. What do you think?

BludClutGangsta says:

my cat never listens lol

all she does is sit on my lap and watch TV and chase the laser light

Signai1976 says:

Amzing!!! – how do you get her so enthusiastic?

Courtenay Watson says:

So glad to see this vid up on youtube! for those just getting started, note that her clicks are a bit late. This could be because of the delay between video and sound… I don’t know! You want to click WHILE the animal is doing the bheaviour, not after.

CrazycatExtreme says:

good video, if the cat is too fearfull to go through the colapsed tunnel you could always start by rewarding aproaching the tunnel

patfbp says:

wow!!! very interesting…

Metqa says:

True, but can you get your cat to do the same consistently as she does with her cat? That is the key. They are communicating, not just playing.
When was the last time you saw a cat go through an agility course? My cat acting like a cat wouldn’t do that.

neohillbilly says:

i have always found that cats will “touch” a moving object and chase a beam of light without any special provocation. i can’t see anything extraordinary happening in the vid. to me it looks like a cat being a cat and a person giving a bunch of treats to a cat.

kissnyuszi says:

Useful tips, thank you!

SolarFlare42 says:

Wow!! Really impressive! I’ve just bought a clicker device & my cat & I have been working with it for 2 days so far (about 15 minutes per day). He’s definitely learning though so far he just knows that raising a paw will get click + treat. I need to take him to the next stage. This video makes it look so easy!

wyvern10 says:

Brilliant and impressive! I am glad you posted this – I have been looking for that last bit to show my cat-owning friends (and I couldn’t find it anymore on the Karen Pryor Clickrtraining site). I liked the bit about the variable reinforcement scheduals — something I find a bit tricky. Thanks for the post!

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