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Cat Care : Which Cat Breed Is Right for You?

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When buying a purebred cat, make sure that the owner is raising them in a social environment. Discover which cat breed is right for you with tips from a cat behaviorist in this free video on pets and cat care. Expert: Diana Korten Contact: www.thecatbehaviorist.com/ Bio: Diana Korten is certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross, and is a member of The National Association of Pet Sitting Professionals and The Cat Writer’s Association. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


LaReineBleue says:

i have a gorgeous Turkish Van!

katy horan says:

How many cats do u have ?

Andre Mendes says:

Nice Video 😉

Hi There says:

3:17 were did the leg go?

saloom kay says:

how about the russian blue kittens :D

juggalo2008508 says:

anyone see the legs in the back? lmao its all i can focus on

uilaengel says:

if she doesn’t have papers, she isn’t any specific breed. but i bet she is a beautiful moogie. 😉

uilaengel says:

maybe you can ask your father to talk with his friend and ask if the cat is any specific breed. If it is, it will come with papers, if it doesn’t, it is a moogie, even if a pretty one.

uilaengel says:

(…comment 3) To choose a proper breeder, that cares for their cats and isn’t only after profit is one of the most important things when one plans to get a pure bred cat.

So, once again, congratulations for this video, I hope at least someone will listen to you and do their research before buying the cat (like on a ragdoll forum I go to, where many people go to ask: “is my cat really a ragdoll?”) and thinking later, which is the way many people do, if it can save them some money.

uilaengel says:

(…comment 2) because they want the look of the breed, want to show off the cat around as being from this or that breed, but don’t want to pay the price. If someone doesn’t have enough money even to buy the cat, maybe they shouldn’t get a cat at all, because what if the cat needs medical treatment, that can be really expensive? So many people get cats without papers to “save some bucks”, and only for selfish reasons. (…continues on third comment)

uilaengel says:

I am getting rag dolls at the end of this month (yours look adorable, by the way), two brothers from the same litter. and after I chose the breed, I spent a long time researching the breeders. When I chose the breeder, my husband and I drove 3 hours to another city to visit the kittens and interest with them, and allowed them to choose us (which was amazing, as one cat chose my husband and one chose me). It saddens me to see how many people buy from BYB because (…continues on next comment)

rummienumi says:

thumbs up if you adopted a DLH or a DSH

Stephanie Foss says:

i don’t know what type of cat i have my dads friend(i am 11) has to move so i am getting him and he looks like garfield the cartoon but his name is also garfield and i want to know what type of breed he is ……. do you think you could help?

lldanii95ll says:

that was the first thing i noticed 😀

ashley88mark says:

ther is some 1 beside th widow -_- and he is wearing pejama

Cheetahlover456 says:

I would love to get a LaPerm kitten their so cute and their personalities are wonderful

simonepreston20 says:

I will be getting a bengal kitten in February.
It was love at first sight.
Love the active cats that keep me motivated and always suprising me. Bengal cats are just that 🙂
Love ragdolls and would love a ragdoll but my partner has bad hayfever and ragdolls shed a lot of fur 🙁

I normally only go through rescue centres but they never seem to have any bengals.

I would love to see a video on how to teach a cat to sit or shake.

Rikoshima says:

Abyssinian cats are really playful and intelligent

bridgetxrose says:

i dont think you should buy a cat when theres millions of homeless cats for adoption.

Varghjerta says:

i like the person in pink pants that stands in the back in the beginning of the video xD

1027milan says:

i love your cats! sooo cuuute!… 🙂

Miacanvlogtoo says:

I used to have a Ragdoll :D She had a perriwinkle spot on her back <3

MyByakuran says:

i have a kitten. he is always running around and biting people. is that normal? it’s nonstop. what do i do? what breed is he? he has short hair, blue eyes, gray, gray tan and white, not a pure breed, his mother looks like him but the father is gray w/ short hair w/ his eyes are green and yellow. please reply.

sparkleangelz says:

can you help me find what my cay is!?! shes verry fluffy! and has black on the top on the top of her head and her she has one green eye and one blue eye! her dad had blue eyes and her mom had green eyes! please help me find out ! i will post a video soon! thank you bye!

AJNZ833 says:

don’t know who you are – but I think you are awesome! I just watched your “cleaning your cats ears” video. Your info videos come packed with common sense, knowledge of cat breeds, cat sensibilities all backed up with tender care and administrations! BRAVO! Your videos are very helpful! again, you are awesome! 8*) Jennifer

IzmirMr says:

i touch cat ear wax before i feel like tickeling

kunzy3000 says:


KitaDyer says:


xXxMizzNiaxXx says:

I have a benagl cat called simba and he is snuggling up to me now! I love him to bits!! he is soooooo sookey with me(they tend to take to one person the most) and i have so much fun playing with him and making up games with him- i couldnt imagine life without him now(: im 13 btw

FingerBoardingElite1 says:


I would like a cat that will follow me around and talk to me. what breed is that?

moiz ali says:

i dont care that what cat is best for me i like every single cat breed and i have lots and lots of time to spend with my cat and i love her very much

DeathNoteAnimeBoY says:

I went to go choose a kitten but saw a 2 month kitten in a box near my house so i decided to have her and she perfect!!

dancergirlmh says:

My cat, has, ALL of these qualities, Hyper, curious, Lazy, sweet, snuggly, intelligent and best of all, I got him off the street, 6 months old now, was like 3 whn rescued.

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