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Cat Care & Sick Cats : Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

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If a cat has fleas, the first thing to do is give the cat a bath with flea prevention shampoo. Get rid of fleas on cats withtips from a cat behaviorist in this free video on cat care. Expert: Diana Korten Contact: www.thecatbehaviorist.com/ Bio: Diana Korten is certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross, and is a member of The National Association of Pet Sitting Professionals and The Cat Writer’s Association. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


Kla Coronel says:

thanks so much, your video will be very helpful to me!

Jbabyyy2011 says:

gave my cats a flea bath.
did not go nearly as well as it did for your cat.
sprayed down my house with flea spray.
even sprayed them after the bath
and they STILL have fleas.
I guess ill just keep trying :/

lapointe43 says:

watch the cats eye they go cross-eyed he must be drugged lol

Wina Sundari says:

one time, after disappering for days, my cat came home so thin and his body is kinda hot. his eyes are also weird, there’s a white film from under his eyes that going up, so it appear like he cannot open his eyes fully. i almost lost hope, i’m so scared that he’s dying at that time. I give him propolis, 1 drop in 2 ml water. 2 or 3 times a day, thank god he’s healthy again in about 2weeks. Now, for precaution i give him propolis 3 times a week.

KeniiFTW says:

I would do this except people would think that I cut myself! My cat would get too stressed out because she is 16 or 17 years old!

Emily Berry says:

It really is you just have to get your cat used to water and bathing. If you are starting out try getting your cat used to water slowly at first, letting them sit near the sink while you run the tap, wetting one of their paws and just taking it slowly. If you really need to use a cat harness to allow you more control, or you could clip their claws beforehand to reduce the damage they do when scratching you.

Emily Berry says:

Sounds like an abcess caused by a bite or deep scratch from another cat. Keep the wound open, allow the pus to drain and make sure you give it a gentle squeeze every few hours to encourage it to drain. If you are lucky the core of the abcess (hard and solid and yellow/white in colour usually) will come out and it will start to heal on its own. If you start seeing blood draining with the pus you know you are getting to the end of the wound. Honestly though it is likely she needs antibiotics.

Amanda gosnell says:

Why is it allways dam cicrly?

CuteLPSBrookie says:

I just found out that my cat has fleas yesterday 🙁

Runea Siscoatsvi says:


TheCurrencyMan says:

My cat responded well to the bath after I gave him a Xanax. 🙂

MrNonelike says:

Uhmm how do you treat a cat with a cold? my cat seems to have a cold, she always sneeze too.. A lot of dirt comes from her eyes, it’s like mucus or something.. pls help me..

EzPianoLessons says:

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FuturMasterRS says:


terra aera says:

I know this video was posted a long time ago but I really need to ask if its okay to bathe my cat with flea control shampoo if her skin is bleeding a bit from her gnawing at it. Will it hurt her or is it bad on broken skin? I plan on getting a natural shampoo! Thank you so much!!!

awcomeon says:

That cat is a robot. There’s no way an average cat would be this complacent and calm during a bath.

TheBelilu says:

I appreciate the info but leaving the shampoo on the cat especially unattended for 10 mins??!! The first thing a wet cat or dog would do is start licking themselves = Ingesting dangerous chemicals!! Not sure if that’s a good idea at all. Wish u had a better suggestion for that part or at least suggest that people should keep a close watch & not let the cat lick itself. Very important to mention precautionary things since many ppl (loving pet owners) use no common sense copy only what they see..

CuteTreatsandaSnack says:

when my parents gave my cat a bath she bit my moms arm and my dad had to open her mouth (she was danging from my moms arm)

Simon Cowell says:

I feel sorry for that cat. The owner is definitely given it something she shouldn’t have! I will be sharing this video with the RSPCA. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

xxchloexx86 says:

my cat would not sit like that it would fight me and jump out lol

ClipOriss says:

You soap your cat and let it alone for ten minutes? poor cat, i wouldn’t like it being all soaped up and left alone to freeze let alone the cat will stat licking itself….

yusszx says:

your cat is high. her eyes shows it.

subcon07 says:

Did u drug ur cat before bathing her? My cat despise bath time lol

Libby364 says:

erm, yeaah, my cats would not let this happen.

kaku123456 says:

my cat attacts me if i try bath her shes a bitch

musiclover1234567ism says:

This stupid video only works if you have frontline, it sux, bye now!

soundslikecola says:

my cat tried to kill me once.. while i’m giving her a bath.. T_T

textualllllyactive says:

Lmfao. My cats crosseyes like that too.

msylimo says:

like my cat is going to let me do this! NOT!

tubeman123100 says:

My late cat (RIP) was terrified of water. She would never let me wash her. For cats that are terrified of water I would recommend putting a bit of shampoo on a wet cloth or towel and gently rub it into the cat’s fur. Then use another cloth/towel, wet it a bit, and then rinse out the cat.

zeebeeboo says:

Wow! My cats would not stay in the sunk/bath as soon as they see a drop of water. And they would scratch like hell! Your cat is well behaved lol

poptartdom says:

ima have to do it in the shower where there is a closing door

Wizzen Witch says:

I know this sounds a bit sadistic and I am sure your kitty was WELL NOT IMPRESSED WITH WHAT YOU DID…. BUT you should have caught it on camera you would have been able to retire … PLEASE do not redo it, because I am sure your kitty was well traumatized by the attempt to bathe it… I too would be left with bloody stumps if I tried to bathe my cat

alaa90000 says:

this is unbelievable, I hope my cat can see this video and know how cats have shower

ozbloke74 says:

Had to put mms tins on my cats paws so he didnt tear me to shreds, he jumped out of sink then walked around kitchen like a robot

SummerBellify says:

ikr?! Neither would mine! I tried giving her a bath today to treat her slight flea problem, my whole bathroom floor got wet and so did I after it was all said and done and then she avoided me for the rest of the day haha

randomgurf2011 says:

But if u put it in the toilet it will drown ahahah

kaylie1999 says:

i LOVE ur kitty 🙂 she/he is SO ADORABLE!!!! whatt breed is he/she

mslitter2 says:

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL…I know your comment is a yeeear old but ahahahaha, this comment is jokkkkes !! KLLLL

joOojoOo30 says:

قطوتها حولا مسكينه

sloththemighty says:

My cat is the violently afraid of water types. Any tips?

PersianButtons says:

The thing about the comb was pretty helpful actually. 🙂

PersianButtons says:

That’s the most well behaved cat! My cat would NOT like this.

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