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Cat Care : Removing Ear Wax From Cats

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Mites and fungus are common causes of ear wax in cats. Remove ear wax from cats with tips from a cat behaviorist in this free video on pets and cat care. Exp…


Amy Brown says:

That cat is so agreeable

LegallyGlock says:


xXMuffinxXification says:

Good tips!

Anynom says:

My cat (God rest his soul) just had such nasty dirty ears, wash it out with a cotten swab and it’d be soaked with wax and such. Poor guy hated it but felt better afterward.

PadronReality says:

My cat has a lump inside of his ear along with ear mites, I’m not sure if this lump is life threating or anything, but I clean the whole ear to prevent the cat from scratching it.

Any solutions?

xJackOfKnavesx says:

@Kim JaeJoong : You should never use human products on a cat unless you know it’s safe, because there may be things in the product that cats are sensitive to, or it might even be toxic for the cat.
If you don’t have the product used in the video, I would suggest maybe using a little water instead – not much though, just enough to moisten the cotton pad. But I’m no expert, so ask your local vet if you want better advice. Good luck!

JoanBond001 says:

You showed us nothing! Its absolute rubbish about NOT inserting a Q-tip. YES YOU SHOULD! I ran a cat rescue and have a rescued cat recently who had every possible problem with ears – mites, fungus, wax impaction. Cats like dogs, have L-shaped ear canals, so damage to ear drum from Q tip is VERY UNLIKELY. You need to clean with mineral oil and Qtip to degunk. Then check inside with an Otoscope. Then flush out with ear cleaner for 2 weeks daily. Then use Tresaderm and Selamectin.

Valerie Franklin says:

at the end it looked like the cat was actually smiling. haha, cute

bleedingbanshe13 says:

That must feel soooo good 🙂

Jessie Jlover says:


DesertLanternmo says:

this cat is so behaved that i wanna give my cat to you .. XD

erinsotherstuff says:


evelyn rodriguez says:

I only have a kitten but i do want to keep her healthy.

Kim JaeJoong says:

omg your cat is amazing ^^ for a moment i felt like i wanna kiss her too ! lol

Kim JaeJoong says:

can i use a makeup remover or hands wipes ? i don’t have cats ear cleaner !!

9eyephotography says:


callig1rl says:


fraisivy says:

hahaha just what i was thinking! damn that cat’s an angel.

nikiloveshorses says:

i dont have one either.so what

Skylightatdusk says:

Can I use hydrogen peroxide?

chocolatebrownie35 says:

Daisy is so adorable.

Jawad Hanif says:

Ear Wax Removal | Ear Wax Removal Home Remedy | Natural Home Remedie

Taxminia0311 says:

If dont have cat ear cleaner can I use plan water

ladywithabrain12 says:

My tabbet wouldnt even let me rub him more than two strokes, she is extremely well behave, extremely!

SummerBellify says:

Honestly lady, where do you get these cats from?! SO well behaved!!!! My cat…hates water, hardly likes to be held unless you hold her like a new born baby on her back. If I tried this with her, she would try and wiggle her way away from me and then maybe scratch me in the process

Estancyz Stan says:

Dafuq did i just watch?

Zakariah1971 says:

Long hairs are soothing to watch

samulski12 says:

Cutest cat ever!!

denisethepainter says:

You’re such a nice lady and your Cat Daisy is lovely. She is enjoying your kind attention. This video I am sending to my friend who was just asking me HOW she can do this very thing for her kitty, , so thanks for sharing.

TheDreRock says:

Awww she appeared to smile when you massaged her head

allapooh1 says:

Pause at 0:03

ldit1 says:

@acciobooks19 ewwwwwwwwwwwwww gross

Tessa VanWyngarden says:

if i did this to my kitty….i would have no face

AngelsFlame123 says:

Aww u saw how the cat smile while she was massaging her head

8Dollface8 says:

@codetube715 omg youre hilarious and so right man! I love it! Lmao!

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