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Cat Care : How to Train a Cat & Dog to Like Each Other Without Attacking

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When cats and dogs live together, the cat should be able to access its litter box without interference. Train cats and dogs to live in harmony withtips from a cat behaviorist in this free video on pets and cat care. Expert: Diana Korten Contact: www.thecatbehaviorist.com/ Bio: Diana Korten is certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross, and is a member of The National Association of Pet Sitting Professionals and The Cat Writer’s Association. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


Cap'n Miyuki says:

I think we should mention that dogs with a high prey drive (such as huskys, rodegian ridgebacks, and malamutes) should not ever be trusted with cats unsupervised. I just recently got a husky puppy and we already have a 4 year old cat, and just because the husky will be trained to not attack the cat, we will never trust her alone.

alondra123100 says:

that cat is the twin of my cat. omg~

David Andino says:

seriously what kind of fucking idiot moron asks such a question -_-

TheEncelia says:

A glass?

KaylaSaysRawwr says:

HELP! what if i dont have a see-through door like you do to separate them but for them to see each-other?

Stojanbugarin says:

Hi cat lovers! My brother knows a small family site for those serious about taking care of their cat. Basically what every cat lover needs to know. Really inexpensive (I think less than $15 bucks) for over 270 pages of useful stuff (health, recipes, training, etc.). A no-brainer for cat owners to keep on file, plus supports a local cat shelter too. Just go to CareForYourCat then dot TK (yes, I said dot tk). Important: Then actually read and use it; our pets deserve the best!

drawlozz says:

Does this work with an airdale and 2 rabbits?!?!

Raven ly says:

my dog got jealous that we have a kitty now. sometime my dog want to play with the kitty but the kitty hate my dog XD hahaha please help me? =[ the kitty is very playful, she nice but she does not like my dog. my dog age is about 2-3

keh101010 says:

i think this will work for me

johnnyboyzzle11 says:

Dis hoe wearin’ black and tryna hold a cat?

MsMrscc says:

Would this be the same for two cats ? please reply

spike17181 says:

people who are adopting/buying a cat/dog

valentinewali says:

Who cares

jaeluv82 says:

nono lol i’m a girl, thank god I am haha ;p I wouldn’t want to be a girly guy. (no offense to any girly guys out there).

ThePod4g says:

Oh I was thinking you were a dude and you sounded girly. So I guess that’s a good thing if you’re a girl.

spike17181 says:

shut the fuck up you idiot!

jaeluv82 says:

I’m a girl……..

ThePod4g says:

My cat and my husband don’t get a long. If I leave them in the same room the cat hisses and my husband starts yelling and cussing. So I try to keep them apart as long as possible. It causes a lot of extra stress for me knowing they don’t get along. It keeps me up at night. My husband just wants me to get rid of the cat, but I love my cat almost as much as I love him. It’s interfering with my husband and I’s sex life. Someone please help me, I don’t know what to do. Thank you.

Xavier Hoskins says:

This would be good info… on planet opposite.

ThePod4g says:

Probably because it is a siamese cat, dumbass.

ThePod4g says:

You sound like a really manly man.

jaeluv82 says:

My bro has had this cute kitten with him for a while, but recently he got a dog. When the 2 pets first met, the dog was totally uninterested he wouldn’t even look at her, probably because he’s really old. But cookie, the kitten, was so freaked out she was running around the house jumping on the sofa and other high things. I have no idea how to get her used to the dog! I really don’t want her to be afraid.

neuregel says:

my cat looks exactly like that siamese cat.

mrconradndrlumpz says:

Great advice! I have a pitbull/german shepherd mix and a 9-year old cat who was here first. Disinterest is what we are aiming for!

supagokuman2 says:

But my dog is a chihuahua, and I am getting a kitten. Is it the same?

Isabelllllr says:

This was a very, very helpful video for me.

wasabithecat says:

u dont train a cat to live with them. u teach it that it is not interesting and u praise it for ignoring the bird

haseeb ahmed says:

how to train cat to live with parrots????????? plz reply

fluttershy fluttershy says:

aww wheres you video about training your cat to go outside?

lolkayla100 says:

I am getting a new cat soon and we currently have 1 cat and 2 dogs. Will the dogs react a little better since there’s already a cat in the household. And they are a labrador retriever, she’s like 12, and a chihuahau (srry I can’t spell) terrier mix, and she’s, well she’s not the nicest animal in the world!!

Ruby Ricotta says:

I am worried, as my dog barks when she sees cats; and always tries to get them. She always tries to stick her nose in the cat and smell it all the time making cats feel uncomfortable. Gabby (he dog) has lived in a home with no other animals for a long time. *shes only about 3 or 4 though* i want to know how i can calm the dog down and keep the cat calm too.

Ramey. E says:

I introduced my Husky and my cats when they were both young. I did what you did at first, look at each other through screens and associate myself to both of them by positive means, they got along pretty much right away and now many years on they are great friends.

GlamssCouturex33 says:

Hi, I just got a 3month old yorkie (male), and I have had my cat (male) for about 5 years. Im trying to get them comfortable with each other. My cat hisses at my pup from time to time. And now im petrofied to leave the puppy on the floor when near the cat. Someone help me pleaseeeeee, I need advice immediatelyyyyyy.

TheZoobinator says:

My dog is fine with my cat. Infact she is scared of him. A German shepard! It’s my cat I have a prob with. He is always hissing and raring up what do I doo

CichlidAsh says:

I would think it does come down to the individual dog and cats personality more than breeds to a degree. Remember that a dog should always respect you as the pack leader and you should if you do that a dog will respect that the cat is part of the pack is you say it is. Still exercise caution untill both are very familer with each other.

boxinmatt says:

good news or bad ??

JillTheOddity says:

I got a new dog (husky/shepard) she was 1 year old. We already had 3 cats. When we first introduced them, the dog lunged, but wagged her tail. whenever one walks by she barks furiously. We HAVE to leave them
all home alone tomorrow, and i dont want to come home to a dead cat.

goeb16 says:

I’m surprised she didn’t mention scents. Having the cat and dog know each others’ scents is a pretty important aspect, especially in the beginning

turuanu says:

OH MY GOD! After years of incompetent Expertvillage videos, this is actually worth something! Don’t go back village!

Kevin Leon says:

Would it help if the dogs a golden retriever? Cause I read that they are not normally aggressive and like to meet new people and have no problems with other dogs and animals also that they are not very teritorial.

azza911 says:

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joseph fritzl says:

so i make love to my cat whilst my dog watches? ……im up for that.

johnnypocketrocket says:

Your pussy really does love being stroked. I bet it puurrs really loud, when it’s happy. I use to have a ginger one.

M Gibson says:


Frau Regner says:

What do I do if we don´t have a cat door or a place for my cat to jump?

wassupman911 says:

aww ur yellow lab is so cute

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