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Cat Care : House Train a Cat

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Litter boxes work well in bathrooms because they are small spaces that the cat can get familiar with. House train a cat with tips from a cat behaviorist in this free video on pets and cat care. Expert: Diana Korten Contact: www.thecatbehaviorist.com/ Bio: Diana Korten is certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross, and is a member of The National Association of Pet Sitting Professionals and The Cat Writer’s Association. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


LiLfashionista24 says:

ASDFGHJKL im watch way to many cat videos..to bad my dad is allergic-______-

abd omari says:

can you please show me other way to do this

Shekar Reddy says:

How to train it to flush?

EzPianoLessons says:

Hello feline owners! My sister knows a little family site for those serious about taking care of their kitty. Basically what every cat owner needs to know. Really inexpensive (I think less than $15 bucks) for over 270 pages of useful stuff (health, recipes, training, etc.). A no-brainer for cat owners to keep on file, plus supports a local cat shelter too. Just enter CareForYourCat then dot TK (yes, I said dot tk). Important: Then actually read and use it; our pets deserve the best!

CommanderCalderon says:


TheEncelia says:

‘I took a little piece of their poop…” they learn the self for me

TheMrage says:

the funny thing is cats cant see nor smell or hear when they are around 2 weeks don’t even mention that yours can walk to the litter tray :L

Tom Wilson says:

very good tips, im getting a kitten from my friend and its never used a litter tray, THANK YOU! 😀

Scarl250 says:

wat breed is the white-ash one?im gonna get a cat(maybe)so i just wanted to know stuff earlier. 😀

miosworld says:

Savanna is the name of my friend

MrsAweshum711 says:

Is it okay if we don’t have the cats poop, To poop in the box ourselves?

Pomona Mani says:

can you have more than one litterbox? because we are getting cats soon, but we have two units next to each other and in one we do the everyday things, e.g. eat, watch tv etc. then in the other house we go to sleep and shower etc. so i was wondering whether we could have one in the first unit and one in the other?

pooly112 says:

the black and white cat looks like my cat!

setsailful says:

Can you make a video about how to teach your cat to do catlike things…like walking…….?? o.o

ahh my cat is lazy -.-

ThaMadDog56 says:

this didnt work at all for me, my cat just keeps crapping on my bed

MusicLoverSMCRS says:

my mom said measure your cats tail with a stick break the stick on the tip of the cats tail and stick it on the litter box
and tell the cat that is your toilet

p.s i dunno if it works on you guys but it works with me

thepaperterror says:

me too, i never actually owned a cat, but there were three strays who were just as good as ours and they always knew exactly where to take a dump

MyByakuran says:

thanks for the advice. i did it all wrong….no wonder my kitten hates me

neferibi says:

Well, her advise is fine for rescued feral kittens who never came along a litter box …

What I personally miss is the use of really kitten safe kitty litter based on corn, wheat or wood.

The smaller the grains of clay litter the more dust will develop and that could irritate the respiratory system.

Just my point of view.

Starry Moon says:

i just made a litterbox for my kitten to use the first 4-6 days and then i bought him a adult size litterbox and he uses it with no problem

npside1 says:

Put the poop from under the bed into the box, like the lady said. Make sure you scoop it up, put it in the box, then show it to her gently.

mrmeanfingers says:

poo!!!i like poo

mad1and1so1bad says:

no … that’s great… she did that .. so she doesn’t have to wait for them to poop on the ground then putting in the litter box so they know .. she just saved some time lol :p

dietfreeman42718 says:

I hear it’s good to take the cat or kitten’s paw and spred them out so they can get a good fill of the litter as well, is this true?

Navineous1 says:

I know right? Creepy cat lady? :/

Oganachobi says:

Am I the only one that finds it slightly strange that she kept some of their poo?

ofek3 says:

cats are born potty trained
dogs are another story

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