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Cat Care : Health Effects of Cat Litter Box

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Many cat owners with litter boxes are afraid of the threat of toxoplasmosis. Discover the health effects of a litter box with tips from a cat behaviorist in this free video on pets and cat care. Expert: Diana Korten Contact: www.thecatbehaviorist.com/ Bio: Diana Korten is certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross, and is a member of The National Association of Pet Sitting Professionals and The Cat Writer’s Association. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


mrssummit49 says:

You always want to wash your hands really good afterword

xsbuilder1 says:

Paranoia Rules! A healthy cat is NOT a big bad breeding ground for infection. ! I know some humans with poor hygiene that I would not let in my house, but cats are always welcome. Pregnant women and children shouldn’t have cats anyway, they are classic cases of abnormal thinking.

amandafaithxo says:

It’s a form of art. You shouldn’t judge, some one the most amazing people I know have tattoos.

amandafaithxo says:

Actually no, bleach is safe as long as you use it correctly. Other cleaners that have certain things that may be ok with us, isn’t ok for the cat. Bleach is the best way to go for a cat. ( Or so I’ve read. )

P Schaeffer says:

Who the frig has time to do that once a week?

lorna129790 says:

wait, the scariest is the possibility of schizophrenia?!?! she stated stillborn birth & miscarriage before that. reallly??

Red30Rock says:

Can I ask this: Isn’t the bleach harmful to the cat? The fumes, or the leftover residue?

Kim Diaz says:

Cats smell like ———-?

Lindsy Garcia says:

well i waited it out and his now  5 months and has no problem going to the bathroom .. everytime some one goes and uses the bathroom there goes salem behind to go use the bathroom himself too … im just glad his better now but thanks for the help

BritishGurl2 says:

um I had the same problem with my kitten (thats now an adult) and i tried to wait it out to see if he would poo but no matter what i tried he wouldn’t. i had to take him to the vet for an enema( which cost me $28) and after he had his bowel movement at the vet and i took him home, he never had an issue again..hope that helps

SaintJeffrey says:

Why would a woman allow someone to put a tatoo on her body?

Lindsy Garcia says:

im having so many problems with my kitten shes only like 2 weeks old and i found her outside and well i took her in but after i feed her i use a rag with warm water to make her use the bathroom she does pee but to poop is so hard for her like she starts screaming and her stomack gets so hard and im soo worry she hasnt poop all day is there any tips you can give me to help her make it easier too use the bathroom for number two ? can you please help me

cat22203 says:

Hi, I noticed this morning blood (but not drops, it was like strings of blood) in my cat’s feces. Should I worry? Do you have any advice what it might be? Thanks!

AbulKhidir says:

i think in my whole life i have only searched a video 6 times. the other 5 billion videos were random tags/suggestions of those 6.

AbulKhidir says:

i think i have ocd. once i read that i couldnt watch the video without getting angry.

Jaxomy says:

Instead of dumping the water down a sink, slowly dump it into the toilet. Toilets are designed to flush automatically if they get too full. That helps keep any contaminants from your sink or bathtub.

1suedenim says:

I wash with hot, soapy water then sometimes follow up with a soak in bleach water. I never thought about washing directly with bleach water. However, I think the key to maintenance is understanding that box needs to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent exposing the cats to illness. Anytime I see something sticking to the litter box I dump it and wash it. I think I became a litter box nazi when they were kittens and they had to be treated for giardia.

chadnatureboy9 says:

i have two cats so this stuff will be very helpful

nick cudi says:


Snuggieschnauzer says:

Thank you for your help! i found that all your cat videos are very helpful! (especially introducing kitty to the dogs!)

NadrianATRS says:

that tattoo looks a little butch

xavier1850 says:

bleach is good idea. the litter dust is a problem. it can get into exposed plumbing parts, if kept in a bathroom. i say keep them in the barn.

Radicalreels says:

Thanks for the latest scoop!
This will help with my four indoor bombers!

Abigail de la Puente says:

thnx, i just got a new ragdoll kitten named casper and he’s an indoor kitty, thnx this helped

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