My cat pees in the toilet and tries to flush it afterwards. Believe it! I thought I had my share of animal funny videos, but this funny video had me on the g…
Full story: “Cat Poops to theme from 2001: Space Odyssey” As see on VH-1’s Best Week Ever! (had to swap audio b/c Thus Spake Zarathustra got disabled 🙁 )
Clickbank Pirate- What a pirate does? Cat Care Secrets – What Every Cat Owner Must Know Cat Training Secrets. No More Bad Cats!
Kizzy, our Bengal cat, can do dog tricks. He can do more tricks than are shown on the video, but Linda ran out of treats. We originally made this video for National High Five Day, hence all the high fives.
A toilet trained cat & Toilet flushing cat! Thanks for the comments, LIKES and for SUBSCRIBING. If you would like to learn how to teach your cat to use the t…
Shorty and Kodi’s Facebook: For cats’ eyes only! Keep your human healthy, happy and obedient with this 7-step guide to walking your human, instructed by Kodi the Kitten. Music is Peach Cobber from iMovie 11
Wouldn’t it be heavenly if your cat took care of its business in the designated place? Cats are very smart animals and are capable of being potty trained easily. Watch this video to learn how you can potty train your cat.
Our teacup Himalayan kitten, Marie, has finally fully recovered from hernia repair surgery, so it was time for some basic training. Marie is quite sharp, picking up the commands within a couple of training sessions. Here, she “comes here,” “sits,” “shakes right/left hand,” and “gluteus” for treats and petting rewards. Check out our other videos for more entertainment, and remember to subscribe. If you liked this, also check out our pet blog at for stories and pictures.
Cat Health 101: More Cats 101 Video: The wild look of the Bengal cat comes from its ancestors, the Asian leopard cat and the domestic shorthair. It’s breeding can account for its intelligence and wild nature, too.
LITTER KWITTER, the original world famous cat toilet training system. You can teach your cat to use the toilet in 3-easy steps and say goodbye to the mess, g… FREE and EASY. Everything you need to know to toilet train your own cat at home. No fancy gadgets or programs to purchase. It was so easy to do on our own that we wanted to share our success story. Provided by From CoolKarma website: This video is provided for information purposes only, with no claims that the training recommendations are appropriate for your particular circumstances. We assume no responsibility for consequences resulting from the use of, or in any respect, for the content of our information.
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Moogly 10 month old Bengal cat showing his tricks
When Halo is in “Cuddle Mode” she doesn’t want you to stop petting her. If you do, she’ll demand you continue! Loud purring and meows are the cutest.
woke up to this little fighter causing trouble!
Cat Health 101: More Cats 101 Video:…
Meet the world’s smartest cat: Kaiser! From skateboarding to backflipping to rolling a barrel, Kaiser the Bengal cat does it all. These are the tricks Kaiser could perform as of his first birthday. Kai celebrated his first birthday on October 2nd, 2010. Kai is a purebred clicker trained… How to train a kitten to play gently – Cat training tips Kittens are impossibly cute and playful–unless play results in bites and scratches. Here’s how to train your kitten to play gently, according to cat expert Dr. Katherine Miller of the ASPCA. Keywords: cat training how to train a cat kitten training training a cat train your cat
DIY – teach your cat to potty in the toilet More stories at
Teaching a cat the “come” command is one of the most important things a cat can learn. Teach a cat to come with tips from a cat behaviorist in this free video on pets and cat care. Expert: Diana Korten Contact: Bio: Diana Korten is certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross, and is a member of The National Association of Pet Sitting Professionals and The Cat Writer’s Association. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
Teach your cats to shake! Watch this online video and learn how to teach your cat to alternately shake hands (paws)! Watch cats shake their paws when asked!!…
Training a cat to use a human toilet is a process that can take months. Toilet train a cat with tips from a cat behaviorist in this free video on pets and ca…
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