Be a Life Long Learner | Self Motivational Video | Self Improvement | Winning Habits

Be a Life Long Learner | Self Motivational Video | Self Improvement | Winning Habits

Be a Life Long Learner | Self Motivation | Self Improvement
It’s very essential to keep learning throughout your life for self-motivation. In this video, Dr.Sneh Desai has given important self motivation tips and techniques. If you don’t update yourself with the current market scenario and latest technology, you won’t progress in your life. You have to learn new things continuously for self-improvement.
You’ll also get very essential self improvement tips in this video, which will be very helpful for your personal development. It’s very necessary to walk with the time because if you don’t walk with the time, time won’t walk with you. In this video, you’ll get the answers of your questions like how to get self motivation, how to self motivate and how to improve self confidence. To update your knowledge, you can attend self improvement seminars and workshops. You’ll get numerous self improvement ideas in this video and you are advised to learn something new in your life on daily basis.
If you want to make Winning – a – habit, Cultivate “Winning Habits”
If you know how to change your habits, then even a small effort can Create Big Changes.
Every human being has unknowingly cultivated losing habits that hold him back. These loosing habits are like a cocoon that restricts the growth of a beautiful butterfly. If a person breaks this cocoon successfully he can emerge as a very successful person.
Success in all-round performance and hence winning habits also focus on 360 Degree change in your life by making you develop


It not only shows the sure shot path to success but also the strength & confidence to walk on the never ending journey to success.Winning Habits is a slave of habits. Habits determine whether you are a winner or a loser.
Hence cultivating “Winning Habits” is of utmost importance in the life of every human being.
If you want to achieve your highest aspirations & overcome your greatest challenges, identify & apply Winning Habits to which success is tied

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The Black Sheep ~~ “Growing Up Dysfunctional” (Self Improvement Video)

The Black Sheep ~~ “Growing Up Dysfunctional” (Self Improvement Video)

“Another persons dysfunction should never become your reality” – Scott Binsack

Dealing with a family of severe dysfunction is never an easy task, especially when they inflicted traumatizing and shocking emotional, physical and sexual abuse and still live in denial about it today!! I am a proud survivor of an extremely dysfunctional family, dysfunctional all the way around on my fathers side of the family. Despite the chaos that they inflicted upon me and my urgent removal from the same at the tender age of 15 they still attempt to haunt me today. I have learned to face these issues and deal with the chaos that they still at times try rain down on my life. Even to the point of trying desperately to destroy me through others. Despite my having nothing to do with them.

This dysfunction through my own issues started to show its ugly head early on in my life with relationships and then marriage. Thinking that running away at 15 and never looking back would solve the problem. When in fact it merely brought it to light in all that I did. I grew up pulling (emotional) knives out of my back, and being physically and sexually abused be several family members repeatedly, and in turn doing everything I could to be accepted and loved.

I was always shocked at how much other people loved and protected their kids. While my family was busy living in denial of each other and wreaking havoc to hurt one another. So extreme at times I wanted to simply die as a child. I was always trying to please them and get them to love me,. All to no avail!! I was always the black sheep as it has been said and even today told to me as .. your family hates you!! I’m glad they hate me. They don’t deserve to have me in their lives. Me, I have forgiven them and learned to turn that pain at a very young age into strength.

A dysfunctional family is defined as one in which there is either sexual and/or physical abuse, neglect or both going on. The adults may not get along and might expose their children to terrible arguments or even physical fights and/or allow other family members to abuse the child. Conversely, the parents might be allies who care for and protect each-other at the expense of their children. In a dysfunctional family, the parents are inadequate or abusive. As a result, there is not enough love available for the children. Sometimes there’s no love at all. This sets up an unconscious competition between the children for whatever love might be available. During childhood, one child might ingratiate themselves to one or both parents in an attempt to get some attention from them. They are simply doing their best to survive in an environment deficient of the emotional necessities of life. The legacy of the dysfunctional family is not just the emotional trauma caused by parental abuse or neglect but also and significantly, a toxic disruption of the normal loving bonds that siblings would otherwise share. For more on this see,

Join me “Scott Binsack” as I share some very shocking and traumatic details of my childhood and how I learned to overcome the sever scars of this dysfunction. Giving you ways to cope with and overcome dealing with a dysfunctional family. A show not to be missed!!

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“Scott Binsack”

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