MGTOW:Self-Improvement IS the Solution

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Why ultimately self-improvement is the ONLY viable solution to anything
The futility of “feeling” for others or getting invested in externalities
The futility of trying to work WITH the system or becoming a part of it
The futility of trying to convince those who actually believe that the current system is their best option
Massive change is slow and change is gradual, we actually live in THE most peaceful/prosperous and overall best time to be alive
However internal change is MUCH easier to achieve
Even IF one wants to solve much bigger problems, it starts with solving your own (why most politicians suck dink seeing as they are SO concerned with solving the problems of other people, yet they fail to solve their own)
Knowledge=more freewill
A better mind/body will help you manifest a better reality
Why even IF things go in a worst case scenario for the world, you STILL want to be improving and why that improvement will actually put you in a FAR better spot to deal with it


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